The "Australian" Adams Motor at Cairns
Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 @ 22:03:00 GMT
Topic: Legal

This is a two part narrative from Dr. Robert Adams for those interested in the subject of reverse engineering, plagiarism and stolen intellectual and other property. The subject is the Australian device, Lutec 1000, an allegedly overunity working motor/generator, patented by Brits-Christie and announced to the media last year. You can read the whole text at

But here are some interesting news about what surprises Dr. Adams is working on these days (extracts from the second part of his narrative):

"...It is also important to note here that although the Adams Thermomotor Generator is primarily designed for generation of power to heat water, it, with the advent of the capacitor bank, supplies wattless D.C. impulsed energy for the generation of further electrical power via the steam turbine generator. The machine is flanked on the one side by it's super power multi-farad capacitor bank, and on the other side by it's steam turbine generator which performs the role of a "rising" heat controller. Together with it's high torque A.C. and/or common D.C. power generation, it has now further massive power available to operate other Adams Thermomotor Generators ad infinitum. Thus the foregoing AdamsThermomotor Generator now evolves in what is to be known as the Adams Megawatt Generator.

It must also be pointed out at this stage that there is an alternative method of continuous temperature rise control within the Adams Technologies, which dispenses with the aid of an expensive steam turbine coupled to the megawatt generator...
The Adams Megawatt Generator, with it's appendage Multi Farad Megawatt Capacitor Bank, followed by the steam turbine controller/generator of the on-going rising temperature unique to the Adams Technologies, represents an awesome machine of massive power generation, and abilities of reducing machine mass of upwards of 90 ton. This machine can therefore be handled manually without the assistance of a crane or trucking. An average sized van could comfortably transport 12 - 15 of them.
It is to be understood that the Adams Megawatt Generator has passed the drawing board stage and is at present being constructed. Its components, for security reasons, are being produced at three different locations which are at considerable distance from each other, as well as being unknown to each other. The project is now nearing half way and in its entirety has been skillfully designed upon the invaluable empirical findings and discoveries over many years of research and development with laboratory prototypes..."

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