Tunneling Through Vast Distances of Space
Date: Wednesday, June 09, 2004 @ 22:53:15 GMT
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William Alek writes: The fundamental concept is "tunneling" through vast distances of space. The ONLY way to accomplish this task is to modify the flow of time from within the craft. Controlling this flow is regarded as relativistic meaning that space-time metrics such as volume, mass, frequency, time, gravity, and energy are all changing with respect to the universe outside the craft. Shown here is the simplified diagram:


Utilizing the Perrault Ion Valve system:

And applying some modification, the element Tungsten disassociates or transmutes releasing and flooding the craft with ZPE, and is also known as radiant energy, shown above. ZPE inversely affects the mass of the craft causing the flow of time within the craft to change with respect to the flow outside the craft. Gravimetric mass fluctuating the craft allows it to "tunnel" through space. The amount of mass fluctuation is regulated or controlled by how much excess energy is captured between the inner and outer shell. In other words, mass is controlled by its own field nature.

This theory of operation can be traced back to here:

The quartz in the Kowsky-Frost experiment is "pumped" by a similar means through plates attached above and below the crystal as shown. The amount of mass fluctuation is controlled on either side of the crystal by another set of plates connected to a power rheostat.

Its interesting to note that Germany had this technology BEFORE World War II! Perhaps it became "classified" and developed, and ultimately used in the German UFO program:
Interesting photo:



I think there is a "strong" connection with the Kowsky-Frost experiment and Nazi disk technology.


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