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Date: Sunday, June 13, 2004 @ 21:08:47 GMT
Topic: Science

In order to help answer the questions of strangness about quantum I have written a simple short paper that I hope will open the door for further exploration. This is an important paper that I feel will allow us to start real research into Warp technology and even understanding Over Unity among other things. I want to share theses papers with you. The first one is already released and published but the second one is an on going (with errors) unfinished draft. I am allowing a pre reading of this 2nd paper in draft form so as to allow questions in making the finished copy complete. Please understand the 2nd paper has errors and should be considered as such. The 2nd paper will also change as more data is added and corrections are made.

The papers are in PDF format and you will need a PDF reader. You can get a free reader at

1st Paper - Released
2nd Paper- Unfinished Draft with errors. On going process of updates.

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