Super Cosmos - Through Struggles to the Stars
Date: Thursday, July 01, 2004 @ 18:48:53 GMT
Topic: Science

by Physicist Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. Here is the book review from:

Jack Sarfatti is a world-renowned quantum physicist who great talent is his ability to move from hard equations to metaphor and back again and make complete sense of this very tricky continuum. This requires vision and understanding both of the moral, poetic and “factual” worlds possessed by very few scientists of his stature.

At the time of going to cyberpress, a full review and analysis by the Combat Diaries of this brilliant visionary book has not yet been completed. This will appear in Combat Diary 19, the April issue of The Alternative Fortean Times. Suffice it to say that at the moment, after having read it on line, the Panzerben team all regard this book as more than worthy of being put on the shelf alongside such great classics as the Dawn of Magic by Louis Powels and Jacques Bergier, Jacques Vallee’s Passport to Magonia, John Michell’s Flying Saucer Vision, or Charles Fort’s Book of the Damned.

The book is also a fine companion piece to Techgnosis by Erik Davis and The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

As a taste of what is to come, here is a passage from the Introduction by the author. He describes the main theme of his book as being:

“On the physical principles of consciousness, warp drive and wormhole star gate travel in the light of a new precision cosmology of dark energy and their relations to the coded knowledge of the once and future techgnosis mystery schools fictionalized in “The Da Vinci Code” and described in fact in “Techgnosis.”

The book includes special reports by U.S. Navy physicist Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D. on the USAF and the FBI response to the real flying saucer invasion of 1952. Russell Targ, who worked on the CIA’s investigation of “remote viewing” discusses spirituality and the paranormal, and also what the author calls “the Occult Cold War.”

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