NEW ENERGY TIMES Newsletter, July 15, 2004
Date: Wednesday, July 14, 2004 @ 23:11:14 GMT
Topic: General

Table of Contents:
*Cold Fusion Library LENR-CANR Endures Minor Cyber-Attack
*Science in Neglect: Nobel Laureate Speaks Out for Cold Fusion
*Cold Fusion in The News
*Recent Updates to the New Energy Times Website
*Request for Support

Cold Fusion Library Endures Minor Cyber-Attack
June 29, 2004. (Reported by Jed Rothwell) A CYBER ATTACK ON LENR-CANR IS UNDERWAY. Over the past week, a few people have reported that LENR-CANR pops up in their web browser, and they cannot make it go away. In some cases it is linked to an XXX pornographic web site. This is caused by a computer virus, worm or spyware. It may be a denial-of-service attack, or an attempt to give us a bad name. If this happens to you, please run the latest version of an anti-viral program as soon as possible, before the virus damages your computer or spreads to other computers. Please note that this virus did not originate in our web site, and there is nothing we can do about it. There are no executable files at this web site. Every file here has been checked with the Norton AntiVirus program...

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