A letter of concern about the need to sponsor alternative science research
Date: Sunday, July 18, 2004 @ 20:39:35 GMT
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In the KeelyNet list Jerry Decker wrote: Hola Folks!

As alarmist as the attached letter is, I can't help but agree with this guy though am unsure of his time estimates, who COULD be sure?

Don't know what good it will do, but I'm posting it to the discussion list and sending it to as many as I can hoping they know people who will finance the avant garde, MAVERICK research and try to produce working devices with shared, or at least AVAILABLE technology.

Bob Stancliff wrote:
> I need any possible corroborations for the claims I have made in this
> letter. If you have any pertinent data in your files please pass them
> on. If you agree with my letter, please pass it on.
> Thanks,
> Robert Stancliff

Thanks Robert for sharing it, you can find NUMEROUS verifications in our discussion list at:


Just read back through the posts!

Robert Stancliff July 14, 2004

Dear Sirs,

The time has come for those who can discern immanent disaster to step up and do what it takes to save society. The greater issues I speak of are far more significant than 9/11 and al Qaeda because they represent the deaths of millions and then billions of humans.

Ten years ago it was not clear that global warming was real. Five years ago it was not clear how fast it was progressing. Now it is obvious that we have created a spiral of extreme weather conditions that will cause droughts, floods and famines throughout the world, worsening each year.

The current administration has even taken steps to hide this evidence and deny its existence. Good government has to be honest government.

The ability to find new oil reserves peaked in the 1970 s and has dropped steadily. New finds are much smaller and harder to access. The world s ability to produce oil has recently peaked and will also steadily decrease. This trend cannot be reversed because as fields are used, the remaining oil becomes harder to get out.

American and European demand steadily increases while the industrialization of third world nations greatly accelerates their demand for more oil. This means that the price of oil will double and triple in the next five to eight years. By that time terrorists will be aggressively targeting oil wells so as to deny the developed countries this life-blood of industry.

Before the gas prices can double, many industries that depend on cheap transportation will be failing. Air travel will have already ended, or been greatly curtailed, and all people who are able will be growing vegetables in their yards.

Economic stagnation will set in permanently and all prices will spiral out of control. As American gas prices exceed $8 per gallon the global trade economy will collapse and then the American economy will collapse.

As food transport reduces, the inner cities will riot, loot, and burn, then the urban populations will fan out into the countryside looking for food and work. Many people will be killed in fights over food and land. It will be far too late for martial law by this time... America will be dead.

Because over 90% of the world grows hybrid seeds for food, there will be a critical shortage of natural seeds that can breed true. All hybrid crops will fail in the second year after shipping ends and 3 to 5 billion people will starve or be killed for the remaining food supplies.

Within only 15 years from now the world may be returned to feudalism by this series of catastrophes unless stringent measures are started immediately.

Are there solutions for these problems? While many of these observations amount to hearsay, the problems are very real and the solutions must be found for our very survival.

For the sake of the world's future, non-hybrid seeds that will breed true need to be stockpiled in every nation against the eventuality of disaster.

Global warming can be slowed if we reverse world deforestation. America doesn't have much of a problem here, but the cutting of the Amazon jungle has to cease even if we have to buy the forests and hold them as natural preserves with all cutting forbidden. I don't know how this can be negotiated and paid for, but it is essential.

The far more essential need is to immediately start reducing vehicle and power plant hydrocarbon emissions so that we can buy the time we need for the real research that will replace hydrocarbon energy and stop global warming forever.

Fuel injection and catalytic converters are a fraud and a lie to bypass emission standards. Catalytic converters only work after they have had at least 15 minutes to warm up, and until then all waste gas is going straight into the air.

All emission tests are, of course, performed on fully warmed cars. Fuel injection also intentionally floods each cylinder with extra gas to quench the burning of fuel that is ignited late because the gas is too fluid and not a vapor.

Auto makers don't try to achieve the maximum efficiencies possible because of the quid pro quo they have with big oil. It has even been made illegal for citizens to fix these problems on there own. These laws have to be repealed. Thinking Americans want super high efficiencies.

Over the last 100 years many carburetor designs have been found that send fuel efficiencies over 100 mpg by more fully converting the gasoline to a true vapor before burning. All of these designs have been bought up or buried by auto and oil companies to maintain the status quo. This can no longer be allowed.

New fuel injection engines have to be outlawed and old engines retrofitted to super carburetors. These 'lost' designs have to be demanded back from those who have hidden them for the sake of national survival. As soon as these carburetor designs can be proven, manufactured, and retrofitted, they need to be placed on all vehicles.

Families need to be restricted to one driven car per two licensed drivers; any other cars must remain unused. 75 to 100 mpg efficiencies need to be mandated as soon as truly vaporizing carburetor designs are ready.

If a fuel additive keeps a super efficient carburetor design from working, that fuel additive needs to be forbidden. In fact, nearly a third of our gasoline today is additives; without those, efficiencies could immediately jump almost 50%. While these plans could result in an increase of nitrous oxides, hydrocarbon emissions will be drastically reduced. Much larger oil tariffs need to be imposed now to force user economizing and fund these other actions.

All power plants will need highly efficient exhaust scrubbers, probably using water. The water can be filtered by canals of plants or by centrifugal methods and reused.

In the end, the true solution will come by diverting the billions of dollars of research funds currently being wasted on high temperature fusion and neutron producing fission and divert them into all of the bleeding edge (usually under funded, often unfunded) researches going on in fields which defy the teachings of current science.

It is a cruel indictment of science today when an open mind and a humble admission that the current models might have errors is replaced by a zealous dogmatism backed by financial and pride issues which deny any suggestion violating the current views.

Many inventors and even trained scientists have had their careers ruined by the focused hatred of those who oppose a new viewpoint.

Many unusual forms of energy might be convertible into motion or directly into electricity if amateur researchers or disfavored scientists were given $300,000 to $1,000,000 to scale up their designs into a full scale proof of concept. Then production funding could be arranged for the ideas that are real. These are trivial costs when compared to the lives that will be lost if nothing is done.

There is no doubt at all that the Defense Department has at least twenty classified patent applications, submitted over the last 50 to 80 years that could be developed into major sources of electrical power. The inventors were ordered to never talk about their ideas or do further work on them under threat of prison.

Many of these inventors are now dead of old age waiting for the government to let them finish their designs.

Other inventors have been hounded by litigation, threatened by thugs, and a small few have been murdered, all because they got too close to a breakthrough for a new energy source.

There is finally a fully developed Grand Unified Field Theory that proves the energy of gravity and the background radiations of the universe can be turned into usable energy. The resistance from mainstream science nearly destroyed the life and career of the theory s creator, Myron Evans, now with;


Cold fusion is real and ready to become a significant energy source. Also, the ionization of water by alpha or beta particle emitters (soft radiation, easily shielded), could power fuel cells directly without any storage of hydrogen. We could eventually replace our large, dangerous, nuclear plants with many distributed generating stations, none of which need uranium or plutonium.

Hundreds of electrical and mechanical experimenters across the country have collected designs worthy of fully testing, based on alternate interpretations of physical observations. Some of these have Master s degrees and even PhD s. Their credentials might not be perfect but Ben Franklin never finished elementary school. Many of histories greatest minds were self taught.

Again, I urge you that there is no more time to debate or procrastinate. Action needs to be taken now so that my children can survive past infancy, along with saving the billions who will die if we fail... including us.


Robert Stancliff

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