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Date: Monday, July 19, 2004 @ 22:27:28 GMT
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In the Greenglow yahoo group Tim Ventura writes: Hi Everybody:

I've just completed a new interview with Mike Wright from the Ramtha School, and Sam Barros from, online at:

Also, I have a new Ning Li / Baker / Podkletnov page about gravity-waves online at:

I spent all day building the page + doing the Wright interview, so I will keep this brief:

The general idea is that gravity waves transduce electrical energy into gravitational wave energy in the same way that a speaker transduces electromagnetic energy into sound. Therefore, at least for the time being, nobody is calling gravitational-waves "over-unity", although this technology is being developed by both conventional PhD's as well as the government (so odds are that they'll never call it overunity).

The concept is simply a coupling, in the same way that Podkletnov's 2nd experiment with Modanese worked --> (energy in = gravitational force out).

Podkletnov had the simplest experiment for this: stick a superconductor in a spark gap and nuke it with a really large electrical discharge. The output should be about a 20-pound column of force that he claimed knocked things over in his lab.

Price to replicate:

$25 for the superconductor from Colorado Superconductor + Liquid Nitrogen (ask your doctor's office -- maybe $20 + vacuum flask cost):

Baker's method is a bit more complicated, but you can read about it at:

### Missing Scientist Update: ###

Dr. Ning Li is still missing, and I will post the DoD funding receipt showing where she's probably at below:
Department of Defense Annual Report on Cooperative Agreements and Other Transactions Entered into During FY2001 Under 10 USC 2371
Agreement Number: DAAH01-01-9-R001

Type of Agreement: Other Transaction for Prototype

Title: Gravito - Electro Magnetic Superconductivity Experiment

Awarding Office: US Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM), AMSAM-AC-RD-BA

Awardee: AC Gravity, LLD

Effective Date: 25 Apr 2001

Completion Date: 25 Sep 2002

U.S. Government Dollars: $448,970

Non-Government Dollars: $ 0

Dollars Returned to Government Account: $ 0

Technical objective of this effort including the technology areas in which the project was conducted:

Approximately 10 years ago Dr. Ning Li, then a research physicist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, began working on a theoretical model of forces generated by type-II superconductors and the possibility of generating and controlling significant gravitational forces via this new theory. The basic idea of Dr Li's is that a superconducting disk will produce a significant gravitational field if a certain type of magnetic field is externally applied. This Other Transaction will represent the first attempt to experimentally confirm some of the theoretical predictions of this theory. It is hoped that providing experimental confirmation of the theory to the scientific community will validate the theory and allow the securing of further funding to develop a practical application of this technology.

Extent to which the cooperative agreement or other transaction has contributed to a broadening of the Technology and industrial base available for meeting Department of Defense needs:

This Other Transaction will allow the principal researcher (Dr. Li) to attempt experimental confirmation of a theoretical model of forces generated by type II semiconductors and the possibility of generating and controlling significant gravitational forces via this new theory. If successful, the payoffs would be enormous. i.e., the ability to generate gravitational forces artificially would allow for new forms of propulsion, new ways of controlling missiles and gun-launched munitions, the lowering of weight of heavy vehicles (i.e., making a 70 ton tank appear to weight much less), and the potential of deflecting or countering the guidance systems of missiles which rely on inertial guidance (like theater or intercontinental ballistic missiles). If unsuccessful, this avenue can be eliminated from future efforts, and would put to rest the controversy surrounding these theories.

Extent to which the cooperative agreement or other transaction has fostered within the technology and industrial base new relationships and practices that support the national security of the USA:

The company AC Gravity Inc., owned by Dr. Li, is considered to be a non-traditional contractor in that this company has not previously had any Government contracts or assistance instruments, such as grants or cooperative agreements. The potential of the cutting edge technology that is hoped to result from the confirmation of the experiment being conducted under this effort is of primary interest to the Government. The use of an OT is viewed as an appropriate means of attracting this company in its initial endeavor to do business with the Government because it eases much of the "red tape" that AC Gravity and other contractors associate with doing Government business. The success of this experiment would be of enormous value to DOD weapons and weapon systems.

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