Inventor's Weekend 2004 Pre-announcement
Date: Monday, July 26, 2004 @ 23:26:43 GMT
Topic: General

Bruce A. Perreault writes: Good Day Everyone!

Inventor's Weekend will be located in Manchester New Hampshire this year, October 8th to 9th or through the 10th.. I am now looking into a good hotel near the airport...

The list of invited speakers include:

- Bruce A. Perreault - Nano Machine Radiant Energy Power Generation presentation (confirmed)
- Steve Mills - lecture on Nano Machine Technology, past and present lecture (confirmed)
- William Alek - Ground Breaking Gravity Research lecture (confirmed)
- Sonne Ward - High Efficiency ElectroPulse Technology presentation (confirmed)
- Alexander Peterson
- Thomas Valone - ElectroGravitics lecture
- Donald Smith - Ambient Energy presentation
- Jimmy Reed - Power from The Planet presentation
- Kim Zorzi - Victor Schauberger lecture

If you would like to give a presentation please send me an e-mail describing what you would like to demonstrate or if you intend on giving a lecture.

-Bruce A. Perreault

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