Is NASA really/finally interested in John Hutchison’s work?
Date: Saturday, August 07, 2004 @ 00:28:09 GMT
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I received these from John for public release:

Dear John,

Just want to let you know how delighted I am to see you are doing with the antigravity research at your lab. I would be very interested in knowing more about your work and wonder if we could discuss the possibility of some collaboration between you and NASA at the Kennedy Space Center for future projects.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,


Hi John,

I just informed briefly my division chief about your work and the levitation experiment on the 70 lbs. steel ball, and he's really interested. Here are the items that I'd like to ask you:

1) I wonder if it's feasible for me to stop by your lab to see the setup and the theory behind the experiment that you performed in the video.
2) I would like to know if you are pursuing any additional experiment in order to obtain any additional data beyond the level of accomplishment of what you have already achieved so far.
3) If you plan to do additional experiments, what kind of funding you would need from NASA in order to achieve the new goals. In return, what kind of reports that can you provide NASA and what kind of time frame you would need to generate those reports.
4) Could you give me your phone number so can chat a little? Mine is […]

Best regards,

Duke W. F.

It was very nice to chat with you on the phone and thanks for telling me a little bit about the history of your experiment. Thanks also for giving me all the wonderful websites along with all the contacts you had over the years. I talked to my supervisor and a few colleagues about your work last Friday, and the general feelings I got is that they were both excited and skeptical about the experiment. The exciting part comes from seeing the 70-lbs being levitated; the skeptical part comes from the fact that there was no patent number associated with your experiment, no journals reported, and no parties have attempted to duplicate your experiment in order to recreate the same results. Some of the guys also questioned about the upper part of the screen in the video because nothing it is not shown. Anyway, I will meet my director on Friday (July 30), and try to come up with a good story... If he likes it, he will present the idea to the NASA director at the Kennedy Space Center for approval. In order to clear up some "clouds", I wonder if you could help me to provide the following:

1) A brief written history that shows a little bit of the history in a chronological order of your work from 1970's to present days (you already told me on the phone but I hope you don't mind to give me something in written form). Please also add different parties (Los Alamos, Johnson Space Center, Japan, Germany, etc.) who already stopped by, visited, or expressed interest in your experiment, and the reason why they did NOT follow through. Please also tell me the current status of your equipments (do you still own 100% of all of your equipments or still need to purchase some additional things if the funding is approved). Do you still plan to file a patent or are you still working on it?

2) A brief diagram/sketch that shows the setup of the experiment--without giving away too much "secrets". For example, the sketch should show how large the steel ball is; what's on top; what's under; what kind of radio wave you put in, the position of the Tesla coil, things in that nature.

3) A brief description of the facility that would be suitable for you to perform the experiment successfully: What kind of requirements in terms of insulation, radiation susceptibility, etc. that you need to have, the ideal location, things in that nature.

Tim: Thanks a lot for sending me the "Hutchison-Heavy-Mix.wmv" file. It's pretty cool because it shows the levitation of several objects and good music. I wonder if you have any other video in ".wmv" format but was done more recently? I will use these videos to show my director; the ones on the web are too small.

I will be in and out of the office a lot for training so I'm not at my desk most of the week but I will try to check my email regularly in case you send me something. Once again, I try to gather as much information as possible to present to my director on Friday 7/30.

If you have any additional information, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Thanks a lot for all your help

Duke W. F.

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From: John Hutchison
PM Subject: new data on advanced anti gravity r and d please no mibs

News release; Hi Tim and all;
Just got in the mail some very interesting drawings and documents on a saindi labs Kirkland airforce base project; apparently they have the Hutchison effect; they built it then shut down all news of the machine from the agencies and took Mr x out of the loop; who worked with them. Mr x made contact first by email then paper documents; Then NASA called; remember Tim ??? Rather interesting; from the diagrams it looks scientifically logical and not fantasy. Mr x saw a TV show and was flabbergasted thus contact to me, thus sending me these papers used in the work at the labs; also Boeing Phantom Works, Seal beach California. Gravionic Thrust project; parrell project Tampere University; then Japan gravionic induction electroflow reaction project; USA; UK plasma breach electroplasmic gravity well meteor project; plasma breach space time compression effect; space warpage; sling shot gravity well worm holeing vehicle, bubble universe project isro India ; then Russia fuses element 118 ; em toroid reactor; using a missile silo graphite lined; where the unit sits; z-gate fusion chamber are some key words I found within these documents and drawing of the craft from what I read [its like the DOD type of literature that I have boxes full from 85 to 98] this is 2000, 2003 TIM. We must get permission for you to post them, ill check the email now… anyway lots of equations drawings data the unit could be built. I understand the tech on the one unit ok been there with graphite and super conductors; anyway I think its a great contribution; below part of email.

john hutchison

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From: "JOSullivanC"
Subject: INSIGHTS TO HUTCHISON& HOPKINS/RE: Why three emails? Just general
reference :-)

JOHN HUTCHISON: I've been using your work and concepts for years. Thereby I have affected the NASA-Advanced Research Propulsion Project/Boeing-and also around the globe from Los Alamos to around the planet. I am going to send you the rest of the e-mail 'portfolio.' Since I refer to you so MUCH, I thought you should have it. I have tried not to 'plagerize' but have used you illustratively often. Please Hard-Copy it to check-out at your leasure.

Jake O. Lev-C.,
(I have some s-mail hard-copy and illustrations if you would be interested.)

Observer: Just some more interesting 'windows.' Jake O. C. ;-)

Hal: The redundancy was to give a general reference to some 'Russian' thought on these fields (down the page-s) which I perceive as inextricably interwoven. The 'Polar Toiroid Field' bit references the entire globe as an 'Over-Unity Engine' which has been observed at the South Pole to manifest some dramatic (spooky :-0) Time Displacement Phenomenon. This inter-weaves with Hutchisons notable 'Plasma-Breach-Gravionic Lobe' happenstancial discoveries and also on his 'Space Energy' battery of which you have spoken. And my design for the 'Plasma-Breach Power Generation Reactor @ Kirtland AFB-Albuquerque also proved out to be a 'GRAVIONIC LOBE REACTOR' which the US-Gov has been running with ever since that time.(ZOOM-ZOOM!)

By the way I'm the 'Jake' of [] from Deming, NM.

From Plasma-Breach Toroidal Gravionic Lobe Reactors via Hutchison-Tesla-Podkletnov etc.; to Feyman's Zero Point Energy('Space Energy'); to Planetary Toroid-Polar Time Displacement Phenomenon; to the Magnetic Over-Unity Engine; to Galaxies reaching 'light-speed' and turning into singularities at the borders of our Bubble-Universe to the recent observations of the Universality and constancy of 'Dark Matter across Space-Time;' we are speaking of ONE SINGLE GRAND CONTIGUOUS & CONTINUOUS HOLE. (come on Bell's-SEAMLESS WHOLE THEOREM) And that's the perspective that trips my trigger. :)

Many years ago discussions I had with a particularly brilliant good friend of mine (Roger Graham then of El Paso, TX-prodigy genius-no bull-/ex special forces and Physics & Philosophy professor) all began with the prospect of developing the very Over-Unity Engine as juxtaposed of his mention that in his last days Einstein had been working with that inverted form of his E=MC^2 to the inverted form M=EC^2. Roger mentioned that this is the quest for 'perpetual motion' to which I replied that in the known universe there was ONLY perpetual and constant dynamic motion from the sub-atomic level to the cosmological level and that relative stasis/stillness was only an allusion. Everything that we know upon the Earth and Space is in CONSTANT AND IRREVOCABLE MOTION and the issue has developed from that point.

Classical thought pondered the relative impossibility of PERPETUAL MOTION while we are beginning to see the impossibility that there is ONLY PERPETUAL MOTION. Hense Feynman-ZPE; Fox-OVER UNITY; Hutichison's-PERPETUAL SPACE ENERGY BATTERY; and Jake's Universe-Aexoverse theorem. 'ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE,' ergo. The UNIFIED FIELD of Einstein's COSMOLOGICAL CONSTANT.

We are at the gate of this most profound QUANTUM LEAP of the history of Homo-Sapiens-Sapiens upon planet Earth. And sometimes my enthusiasm far outstrips my ability to cohesively articulate the matter. Enter HAL FOX! Young dudes like myself 53 yrs. on July 6th{me and George W. :( } ;-> need older and wiser heads as yourself to broadcast and balance the overall picture. You have a much more comprehensive picture is to how these things are developing across the board as well as longer historical personal experiencial reference.

Josef Hasselberger sent a reference again to your work which caused a knee-jerk surge of excitment so the rest was reflexive. Again sorry for the redundancy.

Keep up the Good Work!
Jake ;-)

PS: SAUL PERLMUTTER @ Lawrence Berkeley Labs went outside and beyond Doppler-Red Shift to prove-out the 'Accelerating-Expanding Universe.'

HOWEVER per Einstein @ the Bubble Universes Space-Time Speed-Density Spectrum Locus/Range ('E'(ZPE-Prime Base Quantum) thru to EC(energy @ light-speed=light/radiant photonic spectrum) thru to EC^2(atomic mass-roughly 'H'-Hydrogen or General Atomic Speed-Density of Energy);



* * * ! ! ! So Hal, this is indeed the reconciliation of the EXPANDING/ACCELERATING UNIVERSE which may NOT accelerate past 'light-speed' NOR expand beyond that point.

I see this as being quite significant!



From: John Hutchison
To: JOSullivan C

I received your papers. A million thanks; very interesting stuff. You put a lot of work into this saundi labs. Very interesting; I love the drawings also! Are you still working on projects????? Hope to hear from you.


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From: "JOSullivan C."
Subject: RE: Cheers :->

John: Good to hear; my 'artistry' leaves a lot to be desired. Via the 'wonders' of the internet and postal service I have been able to 'clone' and tacitly direct developments that I have mentioned in my scrawled cover sheet that you have in hand. Usually they end up being integral in various 'ultra secret' projects that 'everybody' internationally seems to know about.

In like manner did they jump on your end of the 'PROJECT' like a chicken on a bug when you tried to take your work and hardware over to the MUNICH/Max Planck Institue. So have I experienced this type of thing to a lesser degree, but only with 'information' and not with hardware. I have gotten them to build my 'hardware' for me. I know that its a success when their 'SECURITY' suddenly clamps down hard. I think that in CANADA you have truely more defacto liberty to experiment and innovate for in the U.S. any Energy/Power drain upon the GRID would draw the 'jaundiced-eye' of immediate GOVERNMENT SCRUTINY and censorship. So much for the 'LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE.' :-(

Later when my concepts have sifted through a couple of years of the respective Gov. and/or coorporate bureaucracies I get these 'investigative probes' as to how this 'bumpkin-ME' has the inside scoop as to what they are developing.

When I get direct contact from the likes of Whitt Brantley of NASA'S advanced research and development project; 'Ned' J.R. Allen-Chief Scientist of Lockheed's Phantom Works; and 'Danny' Wu Yeong-Wei of Boeing's Anti-Grav Project-Skunk Works; asking for my opinion as to their gaining insights as to how they should proceed, I then surmise that I've TRIPPED SOME IMPORTANT TRIGGERS.

You know the drill; I KNOW that you've seen this pattern at work before.

I have been approached by a rather LARGE and WELL FUNDED consortium out of SALT LAKE, UTAH that have been apart of the overall all research project of these matters. During the 60's when doing BLACK PROJECTS RESEARCH WORK was a political hot-potatoe the STATE OF UTAH jumped on the high-tech band wagon for GOV. funded R & D and right now the HUTCHISON EFFECT is the HOTTEST GAME IN TOWN.

I was going to suggest that they contact you but will definitely NOT unless you would approve. These folks also delve deeply into the rather esoteric synthesis of historic proto-anthropomorphic physics-theologic fusion concepts which they claim to incorporate rather lucid inclusion of the pervasive proofs of extra-dimensional/extra-planetary bio-genesis projects(of which we are also likely products of) across EONS. NOTABLY; while they are THOROUGHLY involved in R & D and massive FUNDING of the U.S. and various other Governments work in these related fields; these folks are an extra-national NATION UNTO THEMSELVES that have RESOURCES that dwarf most Nations INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES itself. This is VERY interestin ;->

Now obviously these folks are rooted in the MORMON/LDS sphere of international influence; which does give me pause. BUT they are extremely well informed and well funded and have remarkably open and inquistive evolving propensities of thought.

I have lived in close proximity to the prozaic and every-day Morman communitys of the US and Mexico south-west all of my life. And I am usually not surprized in their regard; BUT I am this time.

So that is my up-to-this-moment insight in the way the PROJECT is going. The aforementioned for me via Harold F. (Hal) at []. I know that they particularly revere your work. I am also thinking that the 'scramble' for PATENTS is likely heating up about now and possibly your ENDORSEDMENT/&/OR COLLABORATIVE INPUT might be of lucrative value about now.

Jake :-)>
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From: "JOSullivan C"
To: John Hutchison
Subject: RE: SAIC-San Diego California: INTRO-1ST--RE: Elaboration: What is
your role here?

RE. SAIC - This company has had more to do with R & D of the Hutchison Effect than any other on the planet. Your work's principals have been used in regards to the 'back-engineering' of exotic craft of exotic origins. This is my best shot in addition to the other.

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From: ZPEnergy '
To: John Hutchison
Subject: Re: new data on advanced anti gravity r and d please no mibs

Hi John,

Maybe that explains why Duke F. was "courting" you lately!? Did you hear from him after he met with his director at NASA, on Friday 7/30?

You qualify this information as a news you really want this "news" published?

Best wishes,


P.S. Are you two going to the NewEnergyMovement's conference in Portland on Sep 25-26?

Hi there vlad, great to hear from you. I do have a lot of new stuff via email and papers; the NASA group had higher priorities but are interested but told all news at saundi labs is silent but its worth a shot to have it published; Hum.. have no cash to go anywhere, sorry, it looks like a no go…


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