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Subject: Re: An Interesting Bit on Type 2 (YBCO) Superconductors

Maybe, I do not know. But today the same experts are working on broadband optical rectennas for energy harvesting:

To overcome the inherent efficiency limitations of a traditional photovoltaic conversion process (solar energy to DC power), ITN is developing a novel, direct energy conversion device (DCD). The DCD efficiently absorbs free-space electromagnetic radiation (EM) using a broadband, 2-D grid antenna array that couples to essentially any polarized wave form (e.g. elliptically polarized solar radiation).

Coupled energy is then concentrated to the feedpoints of a diode (operating as either a classical or quantum diode depending on the frequency range of interest) and is rectified to generate DC power. Whether at 10 GHz (i.e. X-band communications) or at 1000 THz (blue end of the visible to ultraviolet), the anticipated high conversion efficiency, incident energy to DC power, is frequency-independent, although the size of the array will scale with frequency. To date we have demonstrated: -Greater than 60% efficient energy coupling and RF-toDC conversion using the grid array (Efficiency at 10 GHz limited only by diodes) -First ever demonstration of zero-bias, room temperature optical rectification at 60 THz (5 microns)using planar, high frequency MIM diodes. Successful development of an efficient DCD would create new opportunities in energy harvesting as well as spin-off opportunities in detection and imaging from low frequency (10 GHz to high frequency (1000 THz).

See also for more about the physics:

Look also in google for more if you like. These devices if fully developed could replace photovoltaic technology by reaching efficiencies higher than 90%. All based on thin nanotechnologically engineered rectennas. Imagine electric propulsion crafts having such a multifunctional nanotech skin. And God knows what else could be done with similar nanotech smart skins one day.

Today, microwave rectenna arrays can already generate high voltage outputs up to 6kV as far as I know. Maybe much more is possible. See the work of Prof. Myrabo on ion-breeze thrusters. This is the low speed take-off propulsion mode for the microwave beam powered hypersonic lightcrafts.

Among other promising engine concepts (i.e., compatible with beamed electromagnetic power), he has investigated pulsed detonation engines, magnetohydrodynamic slipstream accelerators, directed- energy airspikes (DEAS), various rocket-based combined cycles, rotary pulsejets, scramjets, and a unique airbreathing "Ion-Breeze" thruster.

Today, everybody is talking about lifters and how to build self- sustaining one when other are already talking about applications using advanced rectenna technology.

6 GHz Microwave Power-Beaming Demonstration with 6-kV Rectenna and
Ion-Breeze Thruster.
T. Cummings, J. Janssen, J. Karnesky, D. Laks, M. Santillo, B. Strause, L. N. Myrabo, A. Alden, P. Bouliane, and M. Zhang
AIP Conf. Proc. 702(1) 430 (30 Mar 2004)

This must be a cool book. I already reserved a copy for me:

Lightcraft Technical Manual
by Dr Leik Myrabo and Dr John Lewis

- Berkant

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IF we can do this with microwave wireless transmission, go one stage further and we can tap the energy fields all around us, also wireless.


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Subject: [antigrav] Re: An Interesting Bit on Type 2 (YBCO) Superconductors

What about this?

H. Matsumoto and T. Kimura, "Nonlinear excitation of electron cyclotron waves by a monochromatic strong microwave - computer simulation analysis of the MINIX results," Space Power, vol. 6, no.
3, pp. 187-191, 1986.

I am currently looking for micro-wave energized aircrafts. I think it was the dream of Tesla to send energy to aircrafts all around the globe. Is HAARP also used for this purpose?? Why not? By ionosphere reflection you could send energy to any place. Or?

Think about this:


University of Alaska Microwave Helicopter Project initiated-NASA Goldstone rectenna salvage mission completed

Maybe this is again bionics dealing with microwave biophyics. I can imagine that some animals have already optimized "bio-circuits" to use natural microwave energy.

See for

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Subject: An Interesting Bit on Type 2 (YBCO) Superconductors

Hi All,

I have found out some interesting facts about type 2 superconductors from the BrainyEncyclopedia Website: html

"(Note: actually, in a class of superconductors known as type II superconductors, a small amount of resistivity appears when a strong magnetic field and electrical current are applied. This is due to the motion of vortices in the electronic superfluid, which dissipates some of the energy carried by the current. If the current is sufficiently small, the vortices are stationary, and the resistivity vanishes.)"

So, in type 2 superconductors we have an array of small vortices of electrons on the face of the superconductor. Perhaps it is the frequency of these rotating fields that produces the gravity controlling effect. I'd really like to know what x-factor controls the number of vortices on the face of the ceramic material. Could that x-factor be the frequency of A/C energy radiated onto the material? Does that imply that the high frequency inherent in X-ray radiation created in the impulse device might create many more vortices than the relatively lower frequencies used in spinning a YBCO disk? Could a relatively slowly moving YBCO disk with an ADDITIONAL radiation of x-rays produce a greater gravity controlling effect in a continuous manner more analogous to the first Podkletnov experiment but as powerful as in the second?

Suffice to say, Marinov may have been on track indeed with his MAGVID device, essentially an electron vortex generator with action very similar to what may be going on contained in the YBCO material. Perhaps the addition of more coils in the MAGVID "cross" and the use of higher freqiencies creates cyclotron resonant electron vortices in the electron cloud surrouding the device very similar to what occurs in YBCO, a type 2 superconductor.


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