Greer finally receives his initiation into the U of FE:
Date: Monday, August 09, 2004 @ 20:20:32 GMT
Topic: Testimonials

When I met with Steven Greer at the conference on "Energy and Ethics" in D.C., he doubted my account of death threats that I had received in person from armed MP's while working under contract for the DOD. Last night on the Coast to Coast AM radio program Steven played an audio tape recording of an alleged male voice warning him to cease his activities in trying to get full disclosure of U.F.O.'s, Alien Being's, and hidden free energy technologies.

Well Steven, join the crowd buddy! Hey wait, anyone could have made up a phony tape Steven! But seriously, they only resort to those tactics when you are about to expose the truth, they really hate that. You go first Steve, we've got your back okay? lol.

Regards All,


Any other impressions from the last night show? Did he mentioned any progress on the O/U device identification and testing? [Vlad]

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