American Antigravity - Marcus Device Interview
Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2004 @ 22:55:42 GMT
Topic: Devices

Tim Ventura writes (greenglow yahoo group): Dear All:

I've just completed a 1/2 hour audio interview with Marcus Hollingshead -- the inventor of the controversial "Marcus Device". It was a brief, off-the-cuff overview of his remarkable technology, and I hope to follow up with a more in-depth interview in the near future. I'm busy collecting questions for the follow-up, which I hope will be as informative as the first.

The interview can be accessed from the main page of the website in the news section:

It's public knowledge that I've been fighting depression for a while, and I am happy to say that this interview is a big step forward to "getting back on top" of the AG news that's been breaking all summer long.

I am also hoping to do some additional coverage in the near future of the STAIF conference, and some additional emerging trends in AG research.


Tim Ventura

[Tim, glad to see you back...what we're doing must be done, and we have chosen to do it, in spite of the personal "sacrifice" involved. What you've been through, more or less, happened to many in this "line of work" (read hobby), but something greater brings us back and keeps us ticking. Stay well - Vlad]

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