More useful EPRI reports on DG issues
Date: Wednesday, May 01, 2002 @ 22:45:00 GMT
Topic: Aux-Equipment

As I said before, the revolutionary energy devices we're discussing on this website will be, most probably, first used as stationary home generators. As such, they are categorized as Distributed Generation (DG) resources and would benefit from whatever research is done for DG (classical) technologies. Here are two interesting reports from EPRI: (...more)

"Capacitor-Stabilized Soft-Transfer Interface System for Distributed Resources (DR)"
This report describes an interconnection system using energy storage and fast transfer equipment to improve the dynamic performance of DR alternative power sources with the utility grid. The work identifies a gap between interconnection products that currently exist in the marketplace and products that are needed for tomorrow's effective DR integration. (Rep.No.1003970)

"Distributed Generation Heat Recovery"

This report provides an overview of heat recovery and DG technologies that can currently be utilized for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems. It is important to understand how and what DG characteristics influence the selection of CHP systems that will meet both electric and thermal site loads. (Rep.No.1006849)

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