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Date: Monday, October 18, 2004 @ 21:30:52 GMT
Topic: Devices

Eric Krieg writes (free_energy list): People,

strange stuff gets sold on ebay, here is a design from Canada for free energy. They are only asking 10 million for a claimed working prototype. I've heard reports of fringe people in canada offering this stuff for years now.

It never ceases to amaze me that people sell this kind of stuff with out offering any kind of proof...

From the ebay "description":

"...After 15 years of development we now have a working proto type perpetual motion machine. Please note that the picture provided is of a proposed electrical power station and does not reflect in anyway the apparatus being offered. The apparatus was built to show the fundamentals of it operation, it is a working table top version. It is presently not designed for commercial electrical production. However its applications are limitless from auto, residential, industrial, and even powering entire cities. What is being offered is; the seller agrees to sell 70% ownership of the machine, to be developed to suit other applications. This perpetual motion machine will be avaliable only when the entire purchase amount is secured through a trust account and all legal and contract aspects are completed. The machine will be turned over in working order with all nessasary explanation to its operation. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the sale and the machine although little information will be disclosed on its design. ..."

Link: ebay FE

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