New Technology Enables Near-Frictionless Motion
Date: Wednesday, October 20, 2004 @ 20:05:45 GMT
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Cliffside Park, NJ, October 20, 2004. FriCSo Ltd. ( today announced a new and revolutionary technology that enables near-frictionless motion of machines, engines, transmission systems, turbines, pumps, bearings, dies, molds and other motion systems. The new technology addresses extreme tribological conditions such as poor lubrication, high pressure, low-to-zero velocity and rapid directional changes.

FriCSo’s unique patent-pending Combined Micro-Relief (CMR) technology forms a highly stable, durable and uniform lubricant layer between the moving surfaces. This unique intermediary lubricant layer enables exceptional surface lubricity and unprecedented tribological behavior. The oil film is constantly maintained and a metal to metal contact is avoided even under severe conditions.

The unique intermediary lubricant layer is created by a proprietary surface treatment technology, without coating or plating. FriCSo’s special process generates a repelling force that acts against the oil micro-layer adherent to the counter sliding part. This force is keeping the counterpart afloat and consequently away from the activated part even at standstill.

“FriCSo’s technology opens new horizons in the world of machinery and motion,” said Amir Gilad, Vice President, International Business Development, FriCSo. “FriCSo will enable manufacturers to offer ultra-efficient products, with unprecedented lubricant performance. FriCSo’s technology meets the friction-reduction needs of the automotive, marine, defense, aerospace, machines, heavy equipment and the metalworking industries.”

Gilad revealed that FriCSo has started joint experiments with leading engine, gear and bearing manufacturers, as well as a leading shipping company. According to tests conducted at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, the CMR technology provides low friction coefficient and minimal wear rate.

FriCSo’s CMR technology is based on the invention of two scientists: Dr. Boris Shamshidov and Dr. Alexander Ignatovsky. The revolutionary technology comprises two primary surface treatments: a proprietary lapping technique using a special lapping material developed by FriCSo, and a proprietary surface texturing technique using special software. FriCSo’s technology hardens the surface layer by 70%-80% while creating the oil repellant surfaces.

The CMR technology can be applied to a range of sizes, geometries and materials. It is easily applied to existing manufacturing lines - no need to invest in new machinery.

About FriCSo Ltd.
Founded in 2003, FriCSo ( has developed revolutionary proprietary technology that enables near-frictionless motion of moving parts. The company is located at the technological incubator of Haifa, Israel, and the North American headquarters, FriCSo, Inc., is located in Cliffside Park, NJ. The company is owned by the entrepreneurs and private investors.

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