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    Are you an inventor of a FE/OU generator device?

    Yes; it works; I'm ready for testing (comment)10 %10 %10 % 10.70% (20)
    Yes; it works; not ready for testing5 %5 %5 % 5.35% (10)
    Yes; no working prototype yet19 %19 %19 % 19.79% (37)
    No64 %64 %64 % 64.17% (120)

    Total Votes: 187

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    "Are you an inventor of a FE/OU generator device?" | Login/Create an Account | 4 comments
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    Are you an inventor of a FE/OU generator device? (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Wednesday, October 04, 2006 @ 00:44:48 EDT
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com

    As suggested in the survey’s pane and in the “heads-up” text in our special announcement section, only for those of you who are inventors and have a working device that you are ready (and willing) to properly validate (test), I am asking you to give us some more information about you and your device through a comment attached to this survey. Click on “Post Comment” button from the “Results” view – this one where you are now, reading this message. You have to login to post comments but if you don’t have an account and don’t want to create one, please login with the username “guest” and password “guest” to get access to post comments.

    Nobody is expecting detailed or any private/confidential/proprietary information about yourself and your device, but certainly, only a click on the top radio button would not be considered sufficient to take your vote seriously. All the votes that would be counted in this category would have to have an associated comment. General statements such as what country (city eventually) are you from, what type of device you have (electro-static/magnetic/chemical, plasma, rotating or solid state, etc.), output net power (W), calculated/estimated COP, stable operation or not, size (is it transportable?), are you willing to have it tested using an agreed upon protocol, and any other information you feel like sharing with the general public for now.

    I was always of the opinion that the most important (and probably the only one) thing that would finally open a new era of amazing progress in the energy research field and a new chapter in human evolution towards a better socio-political, economical and environmentally responsible world, would be the first widely accepted demonstration of a FE (call it fuel-less energy) device, such as what STEORN is trying to accomplish now. We should consider the generated buzz around the STEORN challenge an opportunity to squeeze much greater technological accomplishments through “the cracks” opened by the Irish company into the scientific (and the general public) ignorance of the subject.

    We’ll announce soon a very interesting proposal to do exactly that for the few legitimate FE community inventors willing to help us break the icy-indifference of the narrow-minded skepticism, and this survey is part of the problem assessment to see what are we dealing with here.

    Thank you for your understanding and support,


    Re: Are you an inventor of a FE/OU generator device? (Score: 1)
    by nikes on Saturday, November 18, 2006 @ 21:51:40 EST
    (User Info | Send a Message)

    Yes, I am an inventor of the FE generator.
    I am working on this topic over 15 years. In the past years I did my best to build and test concept proof  prototype of one of my inventions. It shown 90% efficiency (with very limited budget that i had. I have invested 3000 USD into building). After that I have invested another 4000 USD of my money and did my best to built next device. Due to limited funds, I had no chance to make a proper R&D of the shieding materials and this is why the machine did not reach overunity again. However, it did shown that I am on a right path (experimental data clearly confirmed my concept is right).
    To distinquish my device from others I call it Zero Inductive Reactance generator (because of the main feature it posesses). In any electro-generating device up to 98% of the input energy is spent to overcome this particular force. In my ZIR generator there is no iductive reactance, so the  only force to overcome to generate electricity is mechanical friction inside the system (which is always constant no matter how big is energy output).

    Right now, I need about 15-20K USD to finish a proper shielding R&D and another 30-40K USD to build and test a prototype. I am open for any suggestions and will be glad to hear any advise.

    Re: Are you an inventor of a FE/OU generator device? (Score: 1)
    by Koen on Friday, December 08, 2006 @ 07:14:20 EST
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://no.nl/tesla

    Not yet. The FE movement is like a jungle of mostly sincere seekers for OU, (paid) hoaxers, and maybe a working device.
    First I wanted to know a principle of "FE", and analysed many scientific papers and websites. Nothing seemed to be of direct practicle use. Then, by coincidence together with Andre Waser, I discovered a new theory/principle that explained something about using static electricity for energy conversion.

    It is simply  P =  Q dV/dt ,  where Q is the amount of static charge, and dV/dt is the change in voltage per second. P is power in watt.  Just move the  dt  operator to 'Q',  and you get  P = dQ/dt V = IV  and this is the well known expression for electric power. So   P = Q dV/dt  has unit 'watt' as well.

    The challenge is to create a huge change of volt per second with as little energy loss as possible, and to confront as much static charge Q with the rapid changing voltage. I think this is what Ed Gray was doing, also Tesla and Baumann (Testatika). This is what I want to try, and feed back the (extra?) energy to a battery or so. I can use (for instance) a high voltage switch and a static charge generator (maybe a large metal surface is sufficient).

    P = Q dV/dt  is also related to longitudinal electric waves. Is the ZPE energy really a background field of electromagnetic waves (as suggested by dr. Puthoff  and others), or do we also have a ZPE field of Tesla's longitudinal electric waves?  If so, then static charge is simply 'ordering' these ZPE longitudinal background waves into a noticeable electric field.
    Then tapping the ZPE has nothing to do with dynamic currents; it is a matter of understanding static charge and the electric field.

    Every FE researcher should do something different and creative: do your own thing!


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