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    GCT-SPACE ZPE-Zero Point Energy ANTI-GRAV PROPULSION Aerospace Project:
    Posted on Tuesday, February 08, 2005 @ 20:53:02 MST by vlad

    Investors JOACHIM HARBACH writes (source unknown and info not confirmed yet): AMERICAN SENATE PROVIDES 'OBSCENE $ FUNDING' IN RESPONSE TO GCT-SPACE ZPE-Zero Point Energy ANTI-GRAV PROPULSION Aerospace Project:
    Per Senator J. Rockefeller

    The following article was followed within 24 hours by an 'emergency' debate on black-ops project in the U.S. Senate to the tune of multi-billions of dollars. The freshmen Senators were at a loss because this crucial program could NEITHER BE NAMED, DESCRIBED, NOR ADMITTED TO EVEN EXIST. Yet Senator Rockefeller referred to the (More Advanced Than 'Star-Wars') project as requiring a multi-BILLIONS 'obscene' emergency prince-tag.

    And 'Anti-Grav' is much more than 'OFF AND RUNNING;' it is now off and running now that in the World Community, "Everybody knows that everybody knows!" And thus is clearly displayed that GCT-Space's so-called 'merely conjectural' production line illustrations are clearly representative of these same technologies that are PAST THE 'R&D' stage in many 'very high-dollar' aerospace ventures around the globe; BUT RATHER are on the production lines of the same.

    Thusly also is represented to the U.S. via contributors such as Max Planck Institute-Munich and other European developers that the days of U.S. domination of AIR AND SPACE are fast drawing to a close. The development of Focused Gravity Propulsion is now reality since the Fathers of 'EM-TOROID-PLASMA BREACH- HYPER GRAVITY LOBE' PROPULSION' first pioneered it by the early discoveries of John Hutchison-Canada; Fran De Aquino-Brazil; Eugeny Podkletnov-Finland & Russia; and Giovanni Modanese-Italy; and many others. !2nd-Very Hopeful Technology!: !Wake up and smell the aroma! Gravity Control Technologies in conjunction with California Institute for Physics and Astro Physics with BECs have pulled it off! Congratulations!

    Focused Hyper-Grav-Lobe Propulsion (Gravionic Thrust) is upon us!

    !Its a new day and Anti-Grav is on the production line!

    GTC's revolutionary evolution of Boise-Einstein Condensate Super Conductors have obviated the necessity of utilizing Cryo-Super Conductors to create the Super-EM Incipient (oscillating pulse back-off) -- Plasma Breach Toroidal Reactors -- which form hyper-gravity lobes(fields) adjacent to the eye-centre of the Toroid-Reactors. The 'lobes' may be then 'shaped' and 'focalized' via electro magnetic deflection technologies to create a virtually infinite acceleration potential in 'carrot and stick fashion. The craft will be moving in a sub-dimensionally displaced 'gravionic bubble' which will sustain the craft and contents within their own mini-universe psuedo-pod field. And within that field the craft and contents will be 'immune' from external inertial effects! Likewise they will be electromagnetically and visually 'fuzzy,' if not totally stealthy. This is truely awsome to contemplate!

    This is indeed exiting news!

    In the short term; the Boise-Einstein Non-Cryogenic Super Conductor is the big news.

    However, In the long term, our new abilities to manipulate gravity for propulsion and power generation puposes mean that we will be learning the techniques of manipulating the very shape, form, flow, of the fabric of 'Space.' This is because the inter-relationship of gravity, time, and space, via Einstein etc., assigns the defacto truth that these three are in fact one contiguous phenomenon. And so this allows the obvious implication that we will also become increasingly proficient in the adjacent techniques of manipulating the shape, form, and flow of 'Time' itself. This is truely profound and also the birth cry of Trans-Dimensional Physics as the Prime-Shaper of the future history of our human race; both planetarily and extra-planetarily.



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    GCT-SPACE ZPE-Zero Point Energy ANTI-GRAV PROPULSION Aerospace Project:

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    "GCT-SPACE ZPE-Zero Point Energy ANTI-GRAV PROPULSION Aerospace Project:" | Login/Create an Account | 7 comments | Search Discussion
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    SON OF STARS WARS (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Tuesday, February 08, 2005 @ 21:02:21 MST
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    [From the same source, JOACHIM HARBACH. Who are you sir? Give us pls more information about yourself - Vlad]
    'SON OF STARS WARS:' Hold on to your hat---Shades of Tesla & Hutchison!

    "The Theory of EVERYTHING yields fruit."

    This is the Intro into what has been described as 'Transdimensional Physics/Transidemensional Technologies. A quick jump to the GTC-Space Site will lend visual illustration to this announcement that Focused Gravity Propulsion via a Transdimensional Incipient Plasma Breach Reactor is here. GTC in point of fact is hardly the first but merely the most candid in their presentation.

    The Multiverse Cosmos/Super Cosmos(herein coined as the Aexocosmos/Aexoverse) Unified Field Theorem Works & nicely blends General Relativity & Quantum Mechanics & an expanded version of String Theory/Brane Theory(kaliedoscopically magnified from a sub-atomic expression to a SuperCosmic/Aexocosmic picturing). Likewise therein are opened and harmonically synthesized Black-Hole/White-Hole throry with Feynman's ZPE-Zero Point Energy concepts juxtaposed/synthesized with a solving of the Dark Matter-Dark Energy enigmas solved in interface with Hubble Accelerating Galaxy observations inclusive of LBL-Saul Pearlmutter's multiple supernova work and Universe Fringe-Galaxy 'Singularitizing' which create mega gama-ray lengthy discharge observations.


    Herein the Cosmological Constant will be expanded upon to encompass currant enigmas facing us in regards to the Dark Matter/Dark Energy enigma and the Expanding/Accelerating Universe via Saul Perlmutter, Hubble and many other current brilliant efforts.


    Within we are beginning with the introduction of focused gravity technologies which are the very fruit of the aforemention Unified Field Theory-Synthesization work.

    The attained product was to achieve the articulation and accomplishment of that which has begun to be referred ot as Transidimensional Physics & Transdimensional Technologies. These things were accomplished by creating a hyper-massive inductive disequilibrium enery flow between a greater parent dimensional Supercosmos-Aexocosmos Energy plateau(coined herin as speed-density of energy spectrum dimensional energy plateau eg. 'speed-density plateau') TO our lesser speed-density plateau of our space-time speed-density plateau of 'UNIVERSE NORMAL.' Herein the basic level of energy of our 'bubble universe' is refered to as its Prime Base Quantum Level of simple intersteller space. The Theory projects a Greater Parent Dimension(infinite in scope and outside the Space-Time-Distance parameter laws contained at the respectively lesser speed-density levels of the likely nearly infinitely numbered myriad bubble universes within that Greater Hyper-Speed-Dense/Hyper Dynamic-Fluidic repective Prime Base Quantum Energy Level of the AEXOCOSMOS-SUPERCOSMOS.(The ubiquitously permeating nature of the Aexocosmos at every point coextant within the Bubble Universe's much lesser Prime Base Quantum of Energy Level ALWAYS COEXTANT but DIMENSIONALLY DISPLACED at its hugely more profound Speed Density of Energy Spectrum Level IS THE EXPLANATION OF THE DARK MATTER-DARK ENERGY EXPANDING UNIVERSE ENIGMA).

    AND this is specifically in that the AEXOCOSMOS's relative gravity is exponentially GREATER AND LIKEWISE INDUCTIVELY IN CONSTANT PROFOUND INFLUENCE of the MUCH LESS SPEED-DENSE energy of the Radiant-Material(atomic-molecular)-Spacial spectrum of our home Universe.

    Hense is predicted the system of the Multi-Verse of the AEXOCOSMOS filled with myriad (and likely mathematically predictively sequenced array) of bubble-universes like or similar to ours(and maybe not similar) But facinatingly to cross-through the AEXOCOSMIC SPEED-DENSITY DIMENSION even partially is to 'skip' outside of both spacial distance and TIME beyond all normal concepts of speed vs elapsed time INSTANTLY. And this is that we are soon to traveling VAST INTERGALACTIC DISTANCES in functionall 'NO TIME!'

    RATHER than theorizing a BIG BANG the Cosmos/Aexocosmos Model pictures a similar or nearly identical in functional picture of our Universe's birth produced thusly: within the AEXOCOSMOS a common current dynamic which produces great maelstroms of a more or less BAGEL SHAPED TOROIDAL which via its hyper-dynamic GRAVIONIC/CENTRIFIC stressors applied upon on the axial nexus point(or 'Plasma Breach Eye Point) of said AEXOCOSMOS TOROID-BAGEL reduces the speed-density of energy level AT that nexus point to sub Aexocosmos Speed-Density of Energy level therein producing a spontaneous and hugely dynamic WHITE HOLE/FULL OPEN FOUNTAINING PLASMA BREACH created the very EXPANDING BUBBLE THAT WE CALL OUR UNIVERSE. And thus is the creative agency of our universe and all of the myriad sister bubble universed within the PARENT AEXOCOSMOS/AEXOVERSE. (Picture a chewing-gum bubble being blown ;->)

    THE CHALLENGE relative to this expanding/accelerating universe concept was to be able to some how create a relatively 'mini' toroidal to achieve a controllable 'white-hole' which could either support a fusion reactor or possibly supply DIRECT EM-POWER INDUCTION through virtually a LIMITLESS SOURCE OF THE AEXOVERSAL ENERGY SPEED-DENSITY OF ENERGY SPECTRUM PLATEAU gated power flow. Obviously opening 'white-holes' could tend to be hazardous to one's
    (or many or the entire planet's) health and well being. We could possibly achieve Fermi's fear of turning the entire planet into a SUN. But much more disireable would be to achieve an ALMOST or incipient controlled PLASMA BREACH REACTOR and thereby achieve a sustaing EM-INDUCTION POWER GENERATOR OF VIRTUALLY LIMITLESS CLEAN POTENTIAL.

    INVESTIGATION LEAD MANY to the conclusion that Nikola Tesla and John Hutchison(of Vancouver British Columbial)and various others did accomplished producing an EM-INDUCED PLASMA BREACH REATOR but ACCIDENTALLY and ILL UNDERSTOOD and DEFINITELY NOT WELL CONTROLLED.(and that either by accidently producing weak and eddying em-toroid phenomenon or TUNGUSKA from an atmospherically 'frisbee'ed' large toroidal that skipped the N-Pole and drew a Geotechtonic to upper atmospheric giga-lightening strike to the Tesla's inadvertantly broadcasted em-toroid which amplified to FULL PLASMA BREACH STATUS OVER TUNGUSKA with the famous enigmatic and catasrophic results. So much for Tesa's 'broadcast power-generating tower at Wharton Cliffs, Long Island! OOPS! AND likewise Tesla's claim to have produced a 'Death Ray' but which he did not understand very well lacking a solid theory to reproduce it. But because of the local atmospheric profound gravity distortion adjacent the flight path of the light-speed 'broadcast toroidal' phenomena it is being explored as a 'star-wars' electro-plasmic meteor atmospheric AND extra-atmospheric flying object interdiction technology.

    But these realizations are being built upon about the globe and various BAGEL SHAPED TOROID REACTORS were built(initially utilizing cryogenic super-conductor) and the disired results began to be achieved of a SUSTAINABLE/CONTROLLABLE (SAFE) PULSED BACK-OFF INCIPIENT PLASMA BREACH REACTOR. (The Prime Base Quantum Speed-Density of Energy Level of the Aexocosmos that we seek to 'tap' is approximately that of the nexus-point of a singularity which is indeed the 'INGRESS' wormhole of energy from this bubble universe back into the AEXOCOSMOS; hense everything CIRCULATES and likely the BIRTH WHITE HOLE OF OUR UNIVERSE may yet and constantly FOUNTAIN AEXOCOSMIC PLASMA INTO OUR UNIVERSE at possibly( opposed from the intial BIG BIRTH MOMENT) at a much more contrained but constant rate.

    BUT WE GOT A SOMEWHAT UNEXPECTED LUCKY DIVIDEND: And that was in that within the close proximity to the axial-eye-nexus to the hyper-dynamic flow of the AEXOVERSE SPEED DENSITY OF ENERGY PLATEAU that the Incipient Plasma Breach Reactor opened up, there was manifest a hyper concentrated gravity zone/lobe that was produced. And further we have been able to POINT FOCUS that hyper-gravity point to propel a vehicle(carrot & stick fashion) in the STATE OF VIRTUALLY LIMITLESS ACCELERATION.

    BUT since the traveling gravionically propelled craft is enveloped within a gravionic field pod, it is actually traveling WITHIN THE PSUEDO-POD OF ITS OWN MINI-UNIVERSE. And traveling in that state the craft is immune to UNIVERSE NORMAL INERTIAL FORCES. AND in fact the craft thus propelled is traveling within its own WORM HOLE tha is being created just ahead of it and closing just behind. Since we are in fact 'skipping' into (at least partially or into the 'fringes' of the AEXOCOSMIC DIMENSION(of speed-density of energy plateau spectrum level)the craft is accomplishing crossing both SPACE-DISTANCE & TIME in 'NO TIME' instantly since it has moved out of our SPACE-TIME NORMAL UNIVERSE. Thus can we leap-frog Einstein's 'Light-Speed' speed limit of Space-Time-Normal and Travel the Cosmos practically(and maybe we can transit to other Bubble Universes (parallel or otherwise).COOL! NO?

    HERE IS ALSO ANOTHER FORTUITOUS ASSOCIATED GEM: In the Eye-Nexus-Zone of the Incipient Plasma Breach Reactor we have been able to synthesize totally novel materials AT THE ATOMIC LEVEL; and it appears that we have started an entire new industry in TRANSDIMENSIONAL METALURGY and COMPOSITES CREATION. This is in its infancy and will likely produce the type of material that we will needs build our POD-CRAFT to survive TRANSDIMENSIONAL TRANSIT.


    The following Four (4) e-mails elaborate on the Einsteinian Conversion mathematical basis and develpment of the Transdimensional Multi-Verse Unified Field Theoretical basis of the Work. Thanx for your indulgence.

    Re: GCT-SPACE ZPE-Zero Point Energy ANTI-GRAV PROPULSION Aerospace Project: (Score: 1)
    by TechStuf on Saturday, February 12, 2005 @ 02:19:32 MST
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Birth cry. Hmmm....

    Hutchinson, Aquino, Podkletnov are harmless neophytes compared to their 'initiated' counterparts and the breakthroughs being touted from the rooftop have been around for decades.

    As for the 'nameless' and costly program....

    Although it does have something to do with antigravity in that the deployment of the project makes creative use of such technology, the greater emphasis is on the worldwide disbursement of human tracking and control technologies.

    Deployment has been underway for some time now
    and takes place in the early morning hours, the vast majority of subjects consciously unaware of the activities....at least at first.....then they slowly are subliminally conditioned until a break through into the conscious mind is established and control is fully established. (Only one way to 'overcome' it, of that I'm sure. And it is not controlled by man.)

    If you find your doors unlocked in the morning or awaken to find yourself rushing to unlock the door in the early morning hours, just before dawn or between the hours of 3:am and 6:am (usually)

    Don't say you haven't been warned.

    Subliminal 're-education' and implantation is paying dividends of untoward proportions for it's controllers at this time....the likes of which cannot be fully fathomed by most.

    Those for whom 'Free energy' and 'antigravity' are utopian tools to be used for the betterment of mankind while in the control of imperfect men are, like I once was, sadly deluded.

    Such technologies are and have been, in firm control of a very dark elite ruling class....

    One whose mark is being branded upon the hearts and minds of so very many of the now profusely sweating 'frogs' in this pot we share.

    So, birth cry....or birth pangs?

    Here is another birth pang........the bread basket to the world.....the 'heartland of our country'.....will witness desert like conditions this year. Such that great clouds of dust will envelope it's cities for days at a time. Crops, irrigated or not, curling up in withering defeat from the increased density of the sun's rays.

    This year will bring parchment and pain to many....and will they repent and ask forgiveness to their creator? It is written that they will curse Him all the more.

    Man can't be trusted to rule himself.....nor the false masters he worships. That is at the heart of the argument being made by our Creator in this truly universal 'court case' of which we all are a part....He acts painstakingly, allowing man to bring himself to ruin to full extent, as the remainder of His heavenly host watches closely.

    Who then, after seeing what was allowed to happen here....would dare insinuate that He didn't really give man a chance to rule himself?

    Man's predalection for 'explosive' and harmful technologies....which run counter to those 'implosive' efforts, harmonious to the creation, would truly ruin the earth.

    And it is for this reason that the Son of God states that His Father will 'shorten the days lest no flesh remain alive upon the earth'......

    For in those days "knowledge will be greatly increased".

    For those few of us who can no longer share in the naive enthusiasm of our fellow moths fluttering in formation around the 'flame'.....

    Our hopeful cry echoes a promise made in writing so long ago.....

    "And I will bring to ruin....those ruining the earth!"

    GOD bless all of you dear readers in Yahshua, Jesus Christ, this day.

    Revelation 11:5,7,8


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