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    The CEG - Continuous Electrical Generator
    Posted on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 @ 22:07:00 GMT by vlad

    Devices Patent US #20020125774, sept. 12, 2002
    Inventor: Mr. Alberto Molina-Martinez

    This is a kind of para-magnetic transformer with no moving parts. It has been built as a "three-phase AC standard motor", but without any moving parts. The inventor claims:

    "[0011] (...) The Continuous Electrical Generator ONLY NEEDS TO BE STARTED UP by connecting its inducting three-phase windings to a three-phase external source for an instant, AND THEN TO BE DISCONNECTED, to start the system as described herein. Then, disconnected, it will run indefinitely generating a GREAT EXCESS OF ELECTRIC POWER to the extent of its design."

    "[0046] The outgoing electric energy provided by this system HAS BEEN USED to produce light and heat, run poly-phase motors, generate usable
    mono-phase and poly-phase voltages and currents, transform voltages and currents by means of transformers, convert the alternate outgoing
    poly-phase currents to direct current, as well as for other uses. The electricity obtained by the means described is as versatile and perfect as
    the electricity obtained today with common electric generators. But the Continuous Electrical Generator is AUTONOMOUS and does NOT DEPEND ON ANY OTHER SOURCE OF ENERGY BUT ITSELF ONCE IT IS RUNNING; may be carried anywhere with no limitations; it can be constructed in any size and provides any amount of electricity indefinitely, according to the design."

    See the patent at: http://appft1.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?
    Sect1=PTO1&Sect2=HITOFF&d=PG01&p=1&u=/netahtml/PTO /srchnum.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&s1='20020125774'.PGNR.&
    More info from:



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    "The CEG - Continuous Electrical Generator" | Login/Create an Account | 11 comments | Search Discussion
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    Re: The CEG - Continuous Electrical Generator (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 @ 08:45:00 GMT
    S. Michael Hoke (SMichaelHoke@EcoLynx.com) writes: This is all very interesting, and I wish the inventors nothing but success, but I think we should be quick to note this is a patent APPLICATION, (i.e., this is NOT a patent), as noted at the top of the page posted by the USPTO. If there's something I'm missing here, please let the rest of us know.

    Re: The CEG - Continuous Electrical Generator (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 @ 21:32:00 GMT
    vlad (vlad@zpenergy.com) writes: Michael, you are correct...it is an application and I appologize for not being clear on that. I was excited by the fact that the inventor appears to already have a functioning prototype.
    I was also told that the link to the USPTO doesn't work. Please copy every row of that long link separately and paste it in your browser address input box as one link and it will work.

    Re: The CEG - Continuous Electrical Generator (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 @ 22:52:00 GMT
    S. Michael Hoke (SMichaelHoke@EcoLynx.com) writes: Thanks for the clarification, Vlad. I too am cautiously optimistic there may really be something to this one. I have read the application on file at the USPTO, and it looks very well done and professionally prepared.

    And if, as you say, there is also a working prototype to go along with it, this could be a real breakthrough. I hope the inventor is aware of the Z Prize currently being offered by SEAS, Inc. If anyone knows how to contact the inventor, I hope they will encourage him to enter the CEG in the Z Prize contest - this could be a very strong contender for the prize.

    Re: The CEG - Continuous Electrical Generator (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Thursday, October 10, 2002 @ 13:42:00 GMT
    DTB (DTB1000@yahoo.com) writes: This comment from John was copied and presented here. I concur with his comments.


    From: John Schnurer
    Date: Fri Oct 4, 2002 3:38 pm
    Subject: Re: [jlnlabs] Continuous Electric Generator

    Dear Ron,

    This is a transformer. The moment the 3 phase excitation is removed, the established field will collapse. Should one continue to maintain the excitation the device will function as a transformer with its well known losses.

    On Fri, 4 Oct 2002, Goodger, Ron wrote:
    I just finished studying this patent application. If it works, it will obsolete all >the other motor/generator configurations such as Adams/Muller/Bedini for purposes of power generation. This thing is a 3 phase transformer, but the thing that is different here is the magnetic vortex it creates. This vortex would suck in an abnormal quantity of 'aether'. Normal transformers don't have this vortex. Polyphase motors have the moving armature in there screwing .up the vortex. The third phase is necessary to preserve symmetry for maintaining the vortex. Very interesting.

    ', 'http://l2.espacenet.com/espacenet/viewer?PN=US2002125774&CY=ep&LG=en&DB=EPD


    Re: The CEG - Continuous Electrical Generator (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Friday, October 11, 2002 @ 07:24:00 GMT
    Working Prototype (chris.horianopoulos@bofasecurities.com) writes: If this device has been built, it would the most significant and most elegant solution to the world's energy problems. We need to get more info on this device. If anybody has contacted the inventor or has any more knowledge, please come forward with this info. This device is potentially very exciting!

    Re: The CEG - Continuous Electrical Generator (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Thursday, October 17, 2002 @ 01:18:00 GMT
    Robert Bielik (robert.bielik@gyros.com) writes: As I understand, it is not a patent yet, but just a patent application. Am I wrong?

    The CEG should work as suggested since Lenz law is dependant on dB/dt, i.e. a time varying magnetic field. In this device the magnetic field is constant (but rotating), hence _no_ Lenz law.


    Re: The CEG - Continuous Electrical Generator (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Thursday, October 17, 2002 @ 01:21:00 GMT
    Robert Bielik (robert.bielik@gyros.com) writes: No John,

    This is not a transformer. A transformer works with dB/dt, i.e. invoking Lenz law. This device works with vxB where B is constant -> _no_ Lenz law.


    Re: The CEG - Continuous Electrical Generator (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Saturday, October 19, 2002 @ 18:39:00 GMT
    gammaburst (gammaburst@hotmail.com) writes: The device is exactly a common wound-rotor ac induction motor with the rotor welded in place.

    The induction motor was invented by Tesla in 1888, and is now the most common type of ac motor, though usually with a simple "squirrel cage" rotor--conducting bars parallel to the rotor and shorted at the ends--instead of the ac wound rotor which is typically reserved for specialty applications such as frequent starting and stoping.

    An ac induction motor works by "inducing" a current in the rotor windings or bars from the rotating magnetic field of the stator windings (v x B) which--because these currents are still in a magnetic field--in turn produce a Lorentz force (I x B) that moves the rotor in the direction of the rotating field. Yes, there will be a torque, that is the point of a motor (approximately the hp rating of the motor, for example). ', '
    Now whether welding the rotor of an electric motor stationary and switching on the motor will induce more power on the rotor windings than is being applied to the stator windings is an experiment I would leave to others to test! (though on better motors you can usually find the induced voltage printed on the nameplate under the title "secondary voltage").
    ', '
    links to induction motor basics:

    ', 'http://tpub.com/neets/book5/18c.htm

    ', 'http://members.aol.com/ljkamm/motors.htm


    Re: The CEG - Continuous Electrical Generator (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Monday, October 21, 2002 @ 04:14:00 GMT
    Robert Bielik (robert.bielik@gyros.com) writes: Checkout the patent application (Fig 2) on how the secondary is wound. IMO it is not as a standard AC induction motor. I don't know yet if this would be the "key" to its operation.


    Re: The CEG - Continuous Electrical Generator (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Thursday, October 24, 2002 @ 12:18:00 GMT
    Bjoern J:son (bjoernj@worldonline.se) writes: Dear free energy searchers.

    I happen to read about the CEG generator newly.
    Either it is a bluff or it is a real breaktrough.
    The simplicity of the construction is almost too good to be true.
    But it smells Tesla quality long way. It all seems too professional for being a fake.
    A lot of labour must have been laid down making the documents. Too much money and trouble spent for making fool of wish thinkers.
    Space energy power, ZPE or whatever the names of forces. It may be there but:
    The thing may be just that simple that traditionally electric machines not have used all possibilities yet.', 'I.e. not used the best way to produce electricity.
    Since the inventions were made some 100 years ago, not much new have happened.
    There may be some n x 1000 000 000 motors or so working in the world by now.
    Maybe there is also some n x 1000 000 generators working to make the power.
    Anyway the need of electric power is huge. The cleaner the better.
    There is no qualified matter such as nanochrystallines, or metglasses involved. Just standard motor plates. Or ironpowder.
    Any motorfactory plant could have production started in weeks (or days).
    I plan to take a normal stator core out of a standard junkyard 2 pole asynchronous motor.
    The stator with the existing windings would make the extractor part with no more labour.
    To add excitor windings to produce the rotating field , an inner core made of a number of soft steel plates with 24 slots either could do.
    For a brief test, 3 simple 24v (or so) transformers wye coupled, could make the power for exciting the rotational field windings.
    As the patent application tells, just about 1 % or so would do for powering the excitor.
    A 3-phase inverter for 24V, 1% power of the extractor should be a piece of cake to build.
    Say 1 % of 4 kW = 40 W shared by 3 phases some 1A, 24V. With MOSFETS there would not be any problem with heat losses.
    Even simple analogue OP-amps could do it.
    We could have the answer quite soon.
    I wish the inventor all luck and i'll hope this is THE solution.", "( but I can't hold my fingers away )I just got to know if it works.
    At least some 7kW for my own supply would be fine.

    I hope I have not violated the language to much.
    Best wishes from Sweden.

    Attaching PDF scetch of cores/windings

    Re: The CEG - Continuous Electrical Generator (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Thursday, October 24, 2002 @ 22:39:00 GMT
    vlad (vlad@zpenergy.com) writes: Dear Bjoern,
    I agree with you and I know a few people who are currently trying to build the device and test it. They promissed to post the results here...I hope you do the same.
    Please note that your attachment was lost probably due to the fact that you used Preview after you attached the file. This is a known bug in ZOPE...don't do that in the future. You can either send me the file and I'll attach it to your post or you can post again without using Preview. Thx and good luck.


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