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    Where is the energy coming from?
    Posted on Sunday, June 25, 2023 @ 09:54:53 GMT by vlad

    Science A recent post on e-catworld.com titled: "What to Expect at the E-Cat EV Demonstration", generated again an interesting discussion on the possible source for the excess energy observed in all OU devices and phenomena, including LENR reactions (such as Rossi's controversial "E-Cat"). I do not know who the user AxilAxil is, but I do like his comments and general line of thinking! Here is a sample (go to the source for more): 

    Axil Axil: All vacuum based reactors will be short lived because of transmutation. It remains to be seen if Rossi or anybody else has or will come up with a solution to mitigate the inevitable destructive and discombobulating nature of transmutation of elements. Every silver lining has a dark cloud to hide it. If the SSM reactor lasts for three years Rossi will be lucky. Think of the SSM as a battery that runs for awhile and then weaken and eventually fails requiring replacement.

    Manufacturing SSM reactors and their recycling will be the major new industry of this upcoming century. The energy and associated cost required to support this new SSM industry will eat into the COP and the price of the SSM. Frequent replacement of the SSM power unit in an EV will be a costly and frequent issue for a owner of an EV. The tyranny of relentless positivity: so temper your hopes and dreams because there are no such thing as a free lunch.

    Axil Axil: Ken Shoulders said that the EVO was dark matter. Bob mentions this slant on dark matter in his latest video. A new theory of dark matter supports this idea. The EVO as s Bose condensate is most likely dark matter.


    It is my considered belief that strange radiation(SR) is produced by vacuum decay. Experimental observation shows that SR is not accompanied by any energy production. When a system (EVO) that does not have the same vacuum potential as our universe interacts with ambient matter, that matter in our universe will be disrupted due to the modification of the nature of the affected subatomic particles in ambient matter. This subatomic particle disruption does not consume or produce energy, this disruption is produced by a phase transition caused by symmetry breaking.

    What is symmetry breaking phase transition?

    Symmetry in Phase Transitions

    Different phases of matter are characterized by different sorts of symmetry. For example, at higher temperatures, matter takes on a ''higher symmetry'' phase; at lower temperatures, the phases are of lower symmetry or ''broken symmetry. ''

    To understand the EVO, it is important to understand what an EVO is comprised of. The EVO is a Bose condensate of dressed electrons. Now, what is a dressed particle?



    In theoretical physics, the term dressed particle refers to a bare particle together with some excitations of other quantum fields that are physically inseparable from the bare particle.

               A further noteworthy example is represented by polaritons in solid-state physics

    There are quantum mechanical processes in condensed matter where electrons aquire a bosonic nature thus transforming electrons into bosons.

    There is a ton of recognized science that describes what a polariton condensate is and what are its properties and behaviors.

    There is a theory called

    The Gross-Pitaevskii theory


    This theory describes what polariton quantized vortexes are and how they behave. For example, the SAFIRE vortex behavior on the anode is shown in the Gross-Pitaevskii theory (page 12).

    In my opinion, it is a great aid to understand the nature of EVO vortexes by using existing polariton theory to inform how EVO processes like strange radiation behaves.

    There is no need to invent new theories when the old establish ones work fine.

    For example, superfluidity in the EVO can be explained by the theory of the supersolid which defines the lattice structure of the EVO.



    In condensed matter physics, a supersolid is a spatially ordered material with superfluid properties. Starting from 2017, a definitive proof for the existence of this state was provided by several experiments using atomic Bose–Einstein condensates.


    A supersolid is a special quantum state of matter where particles form a rigid, spatially ordered structure, but also flow with zero viscosity. This is in contradiction to the intuition that flow, and in particular superfluid flow with zero viscosity, is a property exclusive to the fluid state, e.g., superconducting electron and neutron fluids, gases with Bose–Einstein condensates

    The nature and behavior of EVO vortexes are a result of the supersolid lattice structure of the EVO.

    Alan DeAngelis: https://youtu.be/UllkIAcLdvc

    Stephen: The energy expressed in the surrounding EM vacuum and “space time” via phase coupling and coherence transfer across a EM domain wall. Unless it is entangled with a specific object that it reacts against is my hunch. The “anti space time” may not be “another universe” but rather manifest as cosmological constant space time cooling/expansion in our own one, what we sometimes call “dark energy” , or perhaps manifest as gravity. I’m not sure which, but may be both depending on the local effect in play and direction of coherence transfer.

    Maybe a kind of holographic quantum gravity model that is a reciprocal effect on the other side of a domain wall rather than manifested and radiating locally from the local source. That through phase manifests as a field effect in gravity and space time.

    If I’m not wrong Axil’s thoughts and experience about Higgs and coherent matter and superconductivity and researched papers he cites are fitting or using established scientific models and language to explain the same concept at least it seems to be moving or converging that way to me.

    I’m fascinated by it. Are we beginning to see a handshake in phase across a domain wall


    Axil Axil: This post


    puts forth the theory that dark matter is a Bose condensate light years in size. Such a mega EVO would generate a zone of anti space time (aka anti de Sutter space)


    The domain wall around these mega EVOs would only allow their gravity to be detected by our universe.

    This negative space time might explain the the vacuum catastrophe where the negative space time of EVO based dark matter reduces the vacuum energy potential in our universe. See starting at 5:53 in this video for an explanation 


    The Domain wall is a concept that comes from the science of the early universe


    Physicists looking to test theory of 'cosmic domain walls'

    Also see


    I remember a video produced by Bob that showed a EVO structure that showed two different patterns that had been impressed into transmuted matter. These two regions were separated by a boundary that completely surrounded these regions and that was one micron in width. I speculate that this boundary was produced by a EVO based domain wall.

    Stephen thanks for your interest

    Here I will put into context the Domain wall of the EVO. Chukanov stated in his patent this experimental observation about the EVO as follows:

    Note: Chukanov call the EVO a quantum macro object


    Methods and systems for generating high energy photons or quantum energy


    Another unique characteristic of the quantum macro object is its nucleus. It is believed by the inventor that the nucleus is a two-dimensional object because a quantum material object can only be in a “closed two-dimensional formation.” The proton (nucleon) component of the quantum macro object is “open to the outside.” It has a sharp line of demarcation separating this two-dimensional object from the surrounding environment.

    During some experiments, the quantum macro object was touched with a metal stick. In this experiment, the metal stick could not penetrate into the nucleus because the nucleus possessed no volume. Instead, the nucleus was deformed by the metal stick. Thus, the quantum macro object behaved like a solid. During these experiments, the dimensions of the surface of the nucleus did not change either. The quantum macro object nucleus is “closed to the inside,” therefore, no macro-material formation can penetrate through the quantum surface.

    The nucleus of the quantum macro object is also impermeable to electrical current. In one experiment, a rather weak high voltage current (in some experiments: U=15,000 volts, I=0.01 amps) was used to create an arc discharge between two electrodes. Instead of penetrating the nucleus and taking the shortest route between two points (the electrodes), the electrical current traveled around the nucleus of the quantum macro object, thus sort of “sliding” along the surface of the nucleus.

    Several experiments have led the inventor to formulate many beliefs about the quantum macro object. First, the quantum macro object is a giant macro atom composed of a two-dimensional quantum nucleonic nucleus and a three-dimensional electronic shelf. Second, the quantum macro object is an unusual material object behaving much like a material point in space. On the quantum surface of this two-dimensional material body, there are no differentiated points or areas. Third, the nucleus of the quantum macro object is a closed two-dimensional material formation, which can be deformed without changing the volume of the surface. Fourth, it is not possible to create the quantum macro object between two closed surfaces (like ordinary plasma). Fifth, the surface of the nucleus of the quantum macro object is much like a mirror in which every particle can see its counterpart.


    Because Chukanov could produce an EVO 20 cm in size, he was able to show experimentally that the EVO cannot interact with probes from our universe. The Domain wall is what separates and protects the EVO from intrusion of anything from our universe from accessing the interworking of the EVO.

    A post about negative space time to come

    Stephen: Yes good stuff here. Thanks Axil.

    Axil-Axil: The question: How can an EVO (aka polariton condensate) generate anti spacetime, a condition of the vacuum that can convert spacetime into energy.

    The ability to produce anti-spacetime is a characteristic of superconductivity. To set the stage, the Higgs field is a superconductor. It gives mass and charge to electrons and does not give mass to photons. Superconductivity preforms the opposite function for electrons within the superconductor by removing mass and charge from the electrons within the superconductor and gives mass to the photon. So superconductivity undoes what the Higgs field does for electrons and photons.

    The mechanism that applies these properties to electrons and photons is the vacuum energy potential or value(VEV).

    So the VEV of superconductivity is the negative of the VEV of the Higgs field.

    A polariton condensate is a superconductor and has negative vacuum energy. This energy is the opposite vacuum energy of the Higgs field which has positive vacuum energy,

    Everything remain stable because the EVO is partitioned off from the VEV of the universe by a domain wall. The EVO can exist at any temperature no matter how high because of the domain wall. For example, the SAFIRE system is a macro EVO ate temperatures of hundreds of thousands of C. The vacuum inside the EVO does not interact with the universe while it is stable except through its vortexes. Only when the EVO becomes unstable and explodes will its negative vacuum interact with the positive vacuum of the universe. This interaction which takes the form of a Bosenova will results in a dissolution of both the EVO and the spacetime that the EVO was occupying into energy.

    This process was first experimentally observed in a Bosenova of a condensate of ultra cold rubidium atoms which is a superconductor https://physics.aps.org/art...



    In the particular experiment when a bosenova was first detected, transitioning the self-interaction from repulsive to attractive caused the BEC to implode and shrink to a size smaller than the optical detector's minimum resolution limit, and then suddenly "explode." In this explosion, about half of the atoms in the condensate superficially seemed to have "disappeared" from the experiment altogether, i.e., they were not detected in either the cold particle remnants nor in the expanding gas cloud produced.

    The 'missing' atoms are almost certainly still around in some form, but just not in a form that we can detect them in our current experiment, the two likely possibilities are that they have formed into molecules of two rubidium atoms stuck together.[2] or they have gotten enough energy from somewhere to fly away fast enough that they are out of our observation region before we look for them,"[3]

    — Carl Wieman, Space.com
      Steve DWhere does ZPE fit in here? Is it an encompassing term describing the above sequences or another name for (anti) space time?

      Axil-AxilThe theory is as follows:

      The EVO is a polariton condensate which is a superconductor. This type of superconductor can create a negative Higgs field (aka) anti-spacetime. When an aggregation of polaritons become coherent (all the polaritons in the aggregation assume the same global waveform) is when the anti-spacetime forms.

      When the universe was a few nanoseconds old, it cooled down enough for it to become a superconductor and the Higgs field formed. So the Higgs field is a superconductor.

      The Bose condensate as a superconductor has a mechanism called the Higgs (or amplitude) mode. The plot of this energy potential looks like a Mexican hat... the same as the Higgs field. This potential is associated with spontaneous symmetry breaking. Both superconductivity and the Higgs field generate spontaneous symmetry breaking except that superconductivity's potential is the opposite to the Higgs field.

      The Higgs mode is the one that goes up and down (sigma - σ) the potential in the figure below.

      The Higgs field defines how the ZPE works. If the Higgs field changes, so does the nature of ZPE. For example, the Higgs field defines how the electron works. If the Higgs field changes, the electron field would also change. For example, in a Higgs field change case, the electron might now behave like a photon, or a proton and neutron might not be able to form. This is what an EVO does. It can change the way particles and fields present themselves and the laws of nature to change. This is the cause of transmutation.

      The EVO is unstable. When it is destroyed, the vacuum domain wall that separates the EVO from spacetime will go away and the EVO's spacetime and the spacetime of the universe will come into contact and mix. Both the EVO and the spacetime that the EVO was occupying will both be converted to energy. This is were vacuum energy production comes from.



      Steve D:  Thanks Axil. So the EVO can cause local disturbances to the uniformity of the Higgs field leading to transient particle characteristic change, electron to photon as you say. Looks like a micro universe / anti space time within the EVO where upon contact with the normal a micro big bang occurs, a bosenova.

      If the ecat proves its worth there will be a big demand for explanations like you provide. The mathematics of Rossi's LRPI is beyond the scope of many to appreciate.



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