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    The Case Against the Plasmoid Theory of the EVO Reaction
    Posted on Sunday, April 14, 2024 @ 16:41:46 GMT by vlad

    I found this post on the e-catworld forum very interesting: The Case Against the Plasmoid Theory of the EVO Reaction (Axil Axil):

    (Picture: Graham K. Hubler/researchgate.net)

    The following post was submitted by Axil Axil


    A Faraday cage cannot shield the magnetic field of a permanent magnet. A Faraday cage is made of a conductor that responds to electric fields, but it is not affected by strong magnetostatic fields.

    A Faraday cage can protect against electromagnetic fields by shorting out the electric part, but it cannot block stable or slowly varying magnetic fields. For example, a compass will still work inside a Faraday cage.

    This magnetic behavior points to the nature and origin of the magnetic field produced by the EVO. The lack of effectiveness of faraday shielding in the LENR reaction points to the existence of a lattice like spin footprint inside the EVO where the magnetically active spin particles take on a fixed and unmoving position inside the EVO.

    The witness hexagonal shaped marks produced by the EVO show that the lattice taken on by the spin particles take the shape of a hexagon shaped fixed lattice.

    There is no movement of these spin particles as required by the plasmoid theory of the EVO reaction. If the magnetic field were being produced by a plasmoid effect that type of magnetic field would be shielded by a faraday cage.


    [Vlad] Please read the comments to this post as well since they are very educational. Here is a sample:

    gdaigle: Thanks Axil^2 for those responses. Interestingly, one of the ICCF-11 articles you mentioned previously about monopoles by Rambaut (https://www.worldscientific.com/doi/abs/10.1142/9789812774354_0065) ties cluster electrons to monopoles, saying,

        "A spontaneous gauge symmetry breaking occurs when the electrons, constituting the cluster, are sufficiently close together for opening the way to the creation of a topological defect which, as it is known, has in this case, the properties of a magnetic monopole."

    Yet Rossi never mentions monopoles in his paper, "E-Cat SK and long-range particle interactions".

    Axil Axil: Unless you look at the reactor structure with a SEM and EDX you would never expect to see what the EVO is doing. Bob Greenyer's use of imagery and SEM are showing things that you would never suspect is going on with EVOs.

    One thing that I would have never expected from Bob's recent work is how the EVO solidifies itself from a magnetic particle into transmuted matter at the end of its life. That is weird in the extreme. How could this be happening?

    And to top that off, Bob shows that transmuted matter is flowing out of those EVO carcasses like a liquid through a hole in the carcass. How can a solid cold mix of transmuted matter containing metals like iron flow like a liquid?

    LENR is a very deep rabbit hole that is dangerous to attempt to explain because it is so unnaturally weird.

    Bob Greenyer is well served to agree with the beliefs of his community in the plasmoid explanation of LENR because that explanation is simple and easy to conceptualize. His members use that theory to support their spiritual beliefs in sacred geometry and alchemy.

    I also believe that the monopole based action of the EVO will be readily accepted by science when they begin to accept the EVO because science has been looking so hard for so long for the monopole and they need a real live monopole to complete the EMF theory.

    If magnetic monopoles exist, they could provide new insight into electromagnetism and the unification of fundamental forces. For example, their existence would explain why electric charge is quantized and provide clues about the structure of the universe after the Big Bang

    There is marketing practicality to consider. Rossi's theories may not all be correct but at least they are believable. Rossi's theory is really a marketing tool to give his potential customers a warm feeling about his products. If Rossi fully went down the theory rabbit hole, there comes a point where disbelief sets in for an unsophisticated customer. I know, that is where I am at now. It's like selling a nuclear reactor to bushmen. That is not good for marketing his products. Besides a full explanation would make reverse engineering easier...

    Axil Axil: Rossi: "Although the Grand Unified and the Superstring theories have proposed the hypothesis of the existence of monopoles, I am not familiar with it; surely it has nothing to do with the concepts expressed in the paper"

    Background concerning this statement from current science as follows:

    The Grand Unified Theory (GUT) and superstring theories predict the existence of magnetic monopoles, which are hypothetical elementary particles with a single magnetic pole and a net north or south charge. The GUT is a model that merges the weak, strong, and electromagnetic forces into a single force at high energies. The superstring theory is based on the idea of vibrating strings that represent non-material fragments that infiltrate the universe.

    Although there is no known experimental or observational evidence that magnetic monopoles exist, some condensed matter systems contain phenomena that are mathematically analogous to them. For example, the electromagnetic and weak interactions unify into a single electroweak interaction at high energy, and GUT models predict that the strong and electroweak interactions will unify into one electronuclear interaction at even higher energy.

    Paul Dirac hypothesized in 1931 that a magnetic monopole could exist within the framework of quantum mechanics. He saw the monopole as the end of an infinitely thin infinitely long solenoid called a Dirac string
    Some physicists want magnetic monopoles to exist because of the important role they would then play in the development of quantum field theory. However, some say that the beauty or utility of a hypothesis is not sufficient reason to accord it much belief.

    A comment on the new video info provided by Bob Greenyer on the posit that the existence of the monopole does indicate that that GUT is active inside the EVO.

    There is a lot of processes going on concurrently inside the EVO. From the MFMP videos, there is huge spin energy accumulating inside the EVO sufficient to instantiate a monopole from the vacuum. If this energy is equivalent to particle temperature, then the internal EVO energy level could well enable the establishment of GUT inside the EVO.

    How can spin generate energy? Spin is angular momentum and momentum is energy.

    In detail, a spin current can produce a temperature gradient-based energy condition. A spin current likely exists inside the EVO. The generation of a spin current from a temperature gradient is called the spin Seebeck effect. The type of materials used and the temperature gradient can lead to the generation of a spin current that is converted to thermoelectric voltage.

    Thermoelectric generators (TEGs) use temperature differentials to produce electricity, and are commonly used in satellites, space probes, and other applications. For example, researchers at Jimei University in China have developed a passive device that can generate electricity during the day and night, using the difference between the temperatures of the surface.

    Theoretical and experimental investigations of the interaction between spins and temperature gradients are important for the development of spin caloritronics, and can dictate the design of future spintronics devices.

    So the takeaway is that the huge spin flows inside the EVO may produce energy levels suffecntly to establish GUT.

    GUT will deconstruct elements into a quark gluon plasma (QGP). It is this QGP that restructures transmuted matter when it flows out of those EVO carcasses as a liquid through a hole in the EVO carcass. This QGP flow is how QGP can form a solid cold mix of transmuted matter containing metals like iron that can behave like a liquid.

    Also electroweak unification as a component of GUT could insure that all transmutation is stable after QGP freezeout...

    Gerard McEk: Axil, if an EVO were to possess a magnetic field, then it would surely be shielded in some way by a faraday cage. A moving magnetic particle will be slowed down by it and if the cage would be made of superconducting material magnetic particles would be fully screened.

    I do not think an EVO is magnetic or electrostatic charged. Nevertheless the fact that EVO’s can be screened by multiple layers of electrically conducting and non-conducting materials seems to indicate some form of electromagnetic/electrostatic influence.

    Axil Axil: The nature of a magnetic field between an electromagnet and a perminent magnet are different.

    According to Magnetism and Relativity, magnetism is a relativistic effect. Special relativity joins electricity and magnetism into electromagnetism, and time and space into spacetime. This means that magnetism is not caused by electricity, and vice versa.

    An electromagnet is an example of special relativity in action. An electromagnet works by using the magnetic effect of electric current. It consists of a long coil of insulated copper wire wrapped around a soft iron core that is magnetized only when an electric current passes through the coil.

    In a current-carrying wire, the positive and negative charges balance out, canceling out the electric forces. However, the magnetic field remains and is not canceled out. For example, a wire with current in it deflects nearby magnets.

    The interplay of special relativity with electromagnetic theory reveals that electric and magnetic fields are interconnected aspects of the same electromagnetic phenomenon. This leads to consistent observations of a charged particle's deflection in a magnetic field even when observed from its rest frame.

    Video: https://youtu.be/IWiY5kVw9U4

    Understanding the mature and cause of magnetism is critical to understanding the LENR reaction.

    The magnetism produced by an electro magnet is based on the movement of charge. This is why a faraday cage and block this type of charge. Furthermore, this type of magnetism does not carry angular momentum.

    The magnetism produced by a permanent magnet is caused by the quantum mechanical property of spin in an electron or other types of magnetic particles. This type of magnetism does carry annular momentum and is not blocked by a faraday cage becuase the cause of this magnetic effect is NOT produced by the movement of charge. Mu metal is an alloy of iron and nickel which is used to block magnetism caused by spin.

    In the LENR reaction, the EVO produces magnetism like a permanent magnet. The EVO's magnetism come from spin carrying particles that do not need to move to produce magnetism. The EVO does produce extreme amounts of annular momentum and will cause objects in a gas or liquid to spiral. A permanent magnet will produce the same effect. An electromagnet will NOT produce any rotation of objects in a liquid since the source of the magnetic field is charge which does not impart any angular momentum to an external object.

    Video: https://youtu.be/UIlijUSJMmg

    The fact that EVO’s can be screened by multiple layers of electrically conducting and non-conducting materials might be due to the fact that the EVO produces negative vacuum energy which produces a flyover effect when it travels over a surface. This flyover effect is why EVOs produce strange radiation tracts on metal surfaces.

    Understanding the differences in the two types of magnetism is the critical factor is disproving the plasmoid theory in the LENR reaction. The magnetism of the EVO is not produced by moving electrons as per the plasmoid theory.

    GordonDocherty: My understanding of EVOs is that they are NOT plasmoids, rather they are formed from Fractal Toroids as follows:

    Fractal Toroids share many characteristics with black holes (matter consuming Fractal Toroid at the center of an inward spiralling vortex) and that connect with white holes (matter ejecting Toroid at the center of an outward spiralling vortex) by a stream of collapsed matter able to travel through "normal" matter as if it is not there until it hits a metallic surface - very reminiscent of Tesla's radiant energy /cold electricity - and how easy it is "in nature" to create these structures using just water and Aluminium foil held in a cradle to allow access to both sides of the foil in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner (said Fractal Toroids forming at electronic speeds) - just look up MFMP "ULTR - Spin vortex" YT to see a real-time demonstrating of this most easy of experiments to perform - and let nature show you how it's done! (...)

    As to "the aether"and why the West decided the aether does not exist, yet the USSR continued to accept it did, maybe the following has something to do with the extreme measures which have been adopted to deny the existence of the aether: to quote from Gerry Vassilatos's book "Secrets of Cold War Technology" regarding specifically the work of Nikola Tesla AT THE START OF THE 20th Century:

    He meant that the aetheric bombardment would begin a process of elemental dissolution, where atmospheric gases would be quickly converted into aether and other by-products. In such a nightmarish scenario, the atmosphere would be driven into the growing aether column, a mounting avalanche without control. He feared that, should such a sudden surge remove control from his hands, the station would, be destroyed. But this would not stop the cascading aetheric column, which would self-intensify itself to world-devastating potentials. He often published these intimations, mentioning the possibility that such a sudden flux could *“split the earth in half”*. It was toward averting these fearful scenarios that he now applied his mind’s best efforts.


    Tesla realized that the flow of aether through his Transmitter would meet with a gradually increasing degree of resistance, when electrons began forming along the otherwise smooth path. This would soon choke the aether flow, causing an avalanche of electron manufacture. If not adequately handled, the growing electron flux would moderate and quench the reaction. While limiting the efficiency of his “aether engine”, other dangers could ensue. The ultimate result of this electron manufacture process would be a dangerous electrostatic condition which could kill. Once this process began, a charge-farming avalanche was inevitable. The accumulation of these charges could destroy the Transmitter itself. Should a means not be engineered to eliminate them from the area, the electron manufacture process would multiply itself quite rapidly and unpredictably. With unpredictably increased aether flow, the formation of dangerous blue-white electric sparks would begin discharging from the terminals and all parts of the Transmitter. Thus, before he undertook the large-scale experiment, he had already glimpsed his “control factor”. He had already found the very means for “moderating” the reaction. It was electricity itself Electricity, the retarding factor in his every experiment with pure aetheric energy, would provide the moderating influence. The “moderator” which Tesla so desperately sought, the blessing and the curse, was electrical charge itself. How ironic that the very substance which he had so successfully eliminated in his circuitry, now returned as an agent of moderation to prevent a world catastrophe!


    He needed some kind of “automatic valve” which could leak the electrons away as quickly as they appeared. The elevated terminal would necessarily now be given a double function. Its large absorption area would appropriate the incoming aether pulses, but a second geometry would work to leak away excess electrons to the air. Tesla planned a double function in later designs which he patented. In this, dangerous electrons are harmlessly and cyclically “leaked off” into the air through the aerial terminal. A large metal shell with innumerable Stipples provided that aether would be absorbed, through the broad surface, while electrons would be dispersed, through the stipples. In the famed embodiment at Wardenclyffe Station, his first industrial Power Broadcaster, the final form of the terminal was to be an edge-rounded hemisphere completely studded with a great quantity of large Single terminal vacuum globes.

    The implications of this were two-fold. Firstly, construction of a doomsday weapon was possible as early as the start of the 20th century (this same technology is also the basis of directed energy weapons) - and the same technology could be used to generate large amounts of power essentially for free for wireless transmission of energy around the globe, something that J.P.Morgan in particular was dead set against as it would have rendered his monopoly on wired transmission worthless as well as his oil wells and coal seams. Instead, the path taken led to the disastrous wars of the 20th century and the development of atomic and thermonuclear weapons. So, does accepting the existence of the aether important? You bet - especially as many weapons technologies have already been developed based on its existence.


    Axil Axil: Toroidal moment : https://en.wikipedia.org/wi...

    In electromagnetism, a toroidal moment is an independent term in the multipole expansion of electromagnetic fields besides magnetic and electric multipoles. In the electrostatic multipole expansion, all charge and current distributions can be expanded into a complete set of electric and magnetic multipole coefficients. However, additional terms arise in an electrodynamic multipole expansion.

    This toroidal movement is a circulation of electrons, which are charge carriers that have random spins during their circulation that depend solely on the movement of charged particles to produce magnetism. Because magnetism in LENR cannot be blocked by a faraday cage as seen is the case of the Defkalion system, this implies that charge circulation cannot play a role in the LENR reaction. It is the spin quantum property of stationary magnetic particles that generate the magnetism seen in the LENR reaction.

    Stephen: Interesting thoughts there: separating intrinsic spin from orbital angular momentum. I can see the logic there.

    If the spin is origin of a magnetic field though wouldn’t there tend end to be a reciprocal relationship between the effect you describe Axil and the toroidal moment in a collective system. With the spin effect a more fundamental cause?

    Conversely wouldn’t the Toroidal moment play a role in alignment of spins.

    Interesting thoughts about the magnetic field.

    Axil Axil: Regarding: "intrinsic spin from orbital angular" The intrinsic spin of the electron comes from a intrinsic quantum mechanical property of the electron. The electron produces intrinsic angular momentum in all cases, as a free electron or not.

    The intrinsic angular momentum of an electron, also known as its spin, is ±1/2 quantum units. This is a fundamental property of subatomic particles, such as electrons, protons and neutrons.

    Experimental evidence, such as the hydrogen fine structure and the Stern-Gerlach experiment, suggests that an electron's intrinsic angular momentum is independent of its orbital angular momentum. These experiments suggest that this angular momentum has two possible states, which requires an angular momentum quantum number of 1/2.

    Electrons are fermionic particles, which means that two electrons in similar quantum states repel one another due to Pauli exclusion behaviour.

    Toroidal moment in a collective electron system comes from charge and not intrinsic particle spin as a result of the theory of special relativity.

    Video: https://youtu.be/d29cETVUk-0

    Video: https://youtu.be/s7ndBIL402Q



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