Here is how big bang happened
Date: Saturday, August 11, 2007 @ 22:35:37 GMT
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Some very interesting older articles: The Space is submerged in higher dimensional particles traveling faster than light and unlimited zero point energy source – here is how big bang happened
India Daily Technology Team/ Aug. 10, 2007

Scientists are finally finding something that answers all the doubts in the contemporary physics. The Space is submerged in higher dimensional particles traveling faster than light and unlimited zero point energy source. Space is contained within the infrastructure of the Hyperspace.

The hyperspace has many higher dimensions as defined by the superstring theory. It is a quantum vacuum where limitless zero point energy binds everything together.

The zero pint energy and the virtual particles of higher dimensions traveling much faster than light form the basis of the Hyperspace where new universes are forming all the time. The big bang was the result of massive virtual particle collision in higher dimensional Hyperspace. It is happening all the time. An implosion and then a fantastic explosion – giving rise to new space configuration of various spatial and time dimensional attributes.

After these implosion and explosion sets (big bang) the universe are formed. The universes have various spatial and time dimensional configurations. For example we have a 3D spatial universe with single unidirectional time dimension where matter exists and antimatter is just a shadow in a parallel universe.

In another ‘big bang’, a new universe may look different with different spatial and time dimensions. But all comes from the ocean of Zero Point Energy and tachyon like virtual particles in higher dimensions of the Hyperspace.

Physics finds what was there before the big bang – cyclical harmonic universe follows the echo of the chilled universe – birth, maintenance and implosion for rebirth
India Daily Technology Team/ Jul. 26, 2007

Modern physics is finally clear about what there was before the big bang and what happened to initiate the big bang.

In the new research, Martin Bojowald of Pennsylvania State University pushes one of these theories back even further, to the time of a purported previous universe that contracted and "bounced" to form our own.

Our universe also follows the law of chilled universe physics. Everything is cyclical. They follow the rule of chilled universe physics. It is a cycle of birth, maintenance of life and then eventual destruction for rebirth.

What a solar system goes through, our universe also goes through the same. A solar system is formed from the remainder of previous solar systems that went through supernova. A solar system has its life and then it finally gets destroyed in a supernova only to rebirth as a new solar system.

Every time a new solar system is formed, it is a better one with more energy and resources. The inverses are no exception in the Hyperspace.

All these entities follow the rule of the chilled universe that is supported by three pillars of singularities where tome and space become infinite. These pillars of singularities are that of creation, maintenance and destruction for rebirth till the energy levels reach a stage where the entity can finally become part of the indestructible chilled universe.

Traveling through space-time singularities – the integrated consciousness that makes it possible seamlessly
India Daily Technology Team/ Jul. 24, 2007

Believe it or not, while science is targeting the ultimate venture into quantum physics by trying to understand how to travel through a black hole singularity, our mind travels into the Hyperspace and beyond all the time suing integrated consciousness as the medium.

Anyone who wishes to fall into a black hole and re-emerge at some distant location or even an another universe would have to go through a forbidding region inside the black hole known as a "space-time singularity."

Traditionally this means negotiating a region of infinite density exerting destructive, tide-like distortions on any "extended object" such as a spaceship, molecule, or anything that is not truly point-like. Physicists now suspect this picture is incomplete and that a second and potentially milder type of singularity might exist. Known as a “Cauchy horizon singularity”, it would impart only finite tidal distortions on extended objects. The kinder, gentler singularity should only develop when a regular stream of matter or energy falls into the hole. Previous analyses have considered only streams that were brief bursts. But long-duration "non-compact" streams of radiation, like the cosmic microwave background, can also fall into the black hole. (Cosmic microwave background is popularly known as the "afterglow" of the Big Bang that scientists believe formed the universe billions of years ago.).

But integrated consciousness is a medium based on gravity waves traversing in higher dimensions. Living beings carry the Zero Point Energy modules that project into our physical universe using the integrated consciousness as the medium.

The real existences of living beings are in the Hyperspace. Life is just a projection on the 3D universe. The projection can recycle to elevate in energies. Integrated consciousnesses connect the projection to the point of origin and also acts to integrate all the ZPE modules of the civilization.

The space-time configuration of our universe disintegrates into quantum level strings in Back Holes

India Daily Technology Team/ Jul. 23, 2007

Scientists are finding new evidence of the existence of Hyperspace at the interface between our physical universe and the black hole singularities. In the classical model of how black holes form, a super massive object, such as a giant star, collapses to form a very small point of infinite gravity called a singularity. A special region in space surrounds the singularity, and any object that crosses the region’s border, known as the event horizon, is pulled into the black hole, never to return. In theory, not even light can escape from a black hole. The diameter of the event horizon depends on the mass of the object that formed it. For instance, if the sun collapsed into a singularity, its event horizon would measure approximately 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) across. If Earth followed suit, its event horizon would only measure 1 centimeter (0.4 inches).

As to what lies in the region between a singularity and its event horizon, physicists have always drawn a blank, literally. No matter what type of material formed the singularity, the area inside the event horizon was supposed to be devoid of any structure or measurable characteristics.

According to the string theory, all the fundamental particles of the universe - protons, neutrons, and electrons -- are made of different combinations of strings. But as tiny as strings are, they form large black holes through a phenomenon called fractional tension.

Strings are stretchable, but each carries a certain amount of tension, as does a guitar string. With fractional tension, the tension decreases, as the string gets longer.

Just as a long guitar string is easier to pluck than a short guitar string, a long strand of quantum mechanical strings joined together is easier to stretch than a single string.

So when a great many strings join together, as they would in order to form the many particles necessary for a very massive object such as a black hole, the combined ball of string is very stretchy, and expands to a wide diameter.

Each black hole is as unique as are the stars, planets, or galaxies that formed it. The strings from any subsequent material that enters the black hole remain traceable as well.

That means a black hole can be traced back to its original conditions, and information survives.

Simply put, the black holes are manifestation of interface between our physical universe (3D) and higher dimensions. It confirms that the Hyperspace is what you will see when you go across the back hole singularity.

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