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From Dear Colleagues,

I regret to inform you that Prof. R. M. Santilli has been the victim of life threats from fanatic Jewish physicists because of his surpassing of Einstein's theories for conditions unthinkable during Einstein's times. The best protection of Prof. Santilli's life, besides that provided by law enforcement authorities, is to render public said threats which we are here doing by providing the link to the blog:

We believe that it's appraisal of the contemporary science should be of interest to all true scholars.

The RMS Foundation

PREFACE: By using a language accessible to the general scientific audience, this website is dedicated to an outline of the discoveries by the Italian-American scientist Ruggero Maria Santilli ("Santilli" hereon) in mathematics, physics and chemistry with particular reference to their primary intended scope:

The conception, quantitative treatment, test and industrial realization of new, clean energies and fuels so much needed by mankind that are inconceivable with the mathematics, physics and chemistry of the 20-th century.

During the outline, we shall also make available all original technical literature in free pdf downloads (since it is at times of difficult location, having been published in refereed Journals the world over).

Readers with a vast knowledge of pre-existing mathematics, physics and chemistry, but no knowledge of Santilli's new disciplines, are suggested to provide primary attention to the overall view of the scientific edifice and are discouraged to pass vacuous judgments on individual papers since, as it is the case for individual pieces of a puzzle, they cannot possibly indicate the entire vista.

Interested researchers or historians are suggested to exercise caution in using preprints of various works that are still circulating in the scientific community, because Santilli has the habit of quickly writing papers, sending them to colleagues for comments and criticisms, and finalizing them only at the time of publication. In same cases, due to the vast nature of the scientific production and Santilli's multiple duties, unedited versions ended up being published, thus requiring errata-corrige.

For instance, all preprints Santilli uploaded in the electronic archive "arXiv" were draft used to solicit critical comments and are, at times, far from the final published versions. Hence, serious scholars should be aware of this occurrence, and verify the final character of the papers prior to expressing their views. In the event verifications of the final character of a given work is needed, scholars are suggested to contact "board(at)santilli-foundation(dot)org".

Santilli's discoveries have been the subject of a large number of contributions by scientists around the world which we regret not to be able to review here to prevent a prohibitive length. For contributions by other authors, interested scholars may consult the 90 pages long
General Bibliography on Santilli Discoveries

Almost needless to say, a large amount of research remains to be done in all quantitative sciences. Such a research is available to interested scholars, of course, without obligation. In his characteristic style, Santilli has never solicited research by individual colleagues because, as written in his works, Lack of participation in basic advances is a gift of scientific priorities to others....


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