ZPE and Canadian elections
Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 @ 18:14:46 GMT
Topic: Testimonials

With permission, extracts from recent correspondence:

Dr. Andrew Michrowski (P.A.C.E. Inc.): "...We thank your for this intelligent perspective that could permit a correction for monetization for the public benefit, in a gradual manner.  Among our founders were several prominent economists.

Of course, it would be even more corrective if advanced clean energy system were to be implemented; they have the advantage of providing for essential needs (electricity, clean water, prosperous whole food production, waste treatment, communications and even transportation) at between 10 and 1% of capital (monetary) requirements than currently applied / planned for systems do - without disrupting the environment and affecting climate change..."

Paul Hellyer (former Canadian Defence Minister): "Dear Dr. Michrowski,
Thank you for distributing the flyer that I released recently.  It is much appreciated. 

It distressed me deeply that zero point energy was not mentioned by any of the candidates for office during the recent English and French debates.  Pity!

Yours sincerely, Paul Hellyer"

George Hathaway (Hathaway Research Intl.): "Andrew,
Regarding Paul Hellyer's disappointment at not hearing a word about 'zero point energy' from the candidates: I do not find this fact surprising as perilously few elected (or otherwise) officials would ever have heard the term and fewer would have any knowledge of any successful conversion of 'zero point energy' into useful energy (there aren't  any so far).

However, you may be interested that Hathaway Research Intl. has had a program going for a couple of years attempting just that.

Cheers- George

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