Endless Creation Out of Nothing
Date: Friday, December 25, 2020 @ 18:14:36 GMT
Topic: Science

From scientificamerican.com: Endless Creation Out of Nothing - Could our universe have been an experiment by an ancient civilization? / By Avi Loeb on December 12, 2020

...But we can consider even more foundational questions. Since the atomists were wrong and emptiness is nowhere to be found, what was there before the big bang? Did our universe emerge from a vacuum fluctuation? These questions can only be answered within the framework of a predictive theory of quantum gravity that combines quantum mechanics and gravity, which we do not have as of yet.  Until it is developed, we will not figure out our cosmic roots...

Astronauts describe the emptiness and darkness of space far from Earth as a startling experience. So did the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, in a poem e-mailed to me by writer Dror Burstein. Without ever having ventured into space (obviously), Rilke wrote a century ago: “Night, shuddering in my regard, but in yourself so steady; inexhaustible creation, enduring beyond the fate of earth.”

Is there a modern scientific interpretation to Rilke’s poem?...

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