The Double Helix Theory of the Magnetic Field
Date: Friday, December 03, 2021 @ 22:58:13 GMT
Topic: Science

We are all familiar with the double helix in the context of DNA, but it's not so widely considered that the double helix pattern might be a more fundamental pattern in nature existing on the smallest scale. We have all seen two bar magnets being pulled together, and we have seen from iron filings that the magnetic lines of force connect directly between the north pole of one magnet and the south pole of the other. And while it is impossible to ever explain a fundamental force field without resorting to tautology, we can nevertheless reduce a more complex force field to a more fundamental force field, given a specific context.

Consider that what is generally accepted as being empty space, is in fact filled with electrons and positrons which serve as the medium for the propagation of light. These particles attract each other by virtue of the electrostatic force, which we will consider to be more fundamental than the magnetic force. It is proposed that a single magnetic line of force is a double helix of electrons and positrons, and that hence, magnetic attraction between a north pole and a south pole can be reduced to electrostatic attraction between the electrons and positrons along the double helix that forms a single magnetic line of force. Further explanation is given in the downloads section in the article entitled "The Double Helix Theory of the Magnetic Field". It was first written in February 2006 but has now been updated.

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