What is the Best Evidence for Over-Unity?
Date: Friday, December 31, 2021 @ 19:06:45 GMT
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Interesting Q/A from the e-catworld.com site [Posted on December 28, 2021]: << I received a suggestion and a request from an ECW reader for a thread to discuss the question of what is the best evidence that over-unity energy production is real.

“Is there acceptable proof for this? Could readers of your site put up the best evidence of over-unity of any kind, accepting that so far they may only be proofs of an effect that cannot be maintained or commercialized at present.

It would be good for us all to see the best experiments that confirm there is something that is a positive reality to keep our spirits high.”

I think it is a good question to discuss, and I will be interested in responses, if any. Thanks!>>

Here are some extracts from the Comments (start with funny;-):

Christopher Calder • Honestly, I think the best evidence is in all of those saucer shaped vehicles flying around the world every day of the year. Bob Lazar thinks they are powered by anti-matter, but I do not buy that belief because an anti-matter reaction is far too hot and explosive to contain and easily use. I suspect that the alleged stable form of element 115 that our US military possesses is so dense that it somehow punctures the etheric soup that space is filled with, allowing us to siphon off energy. That is why flying saucers never run out of fuel. They do not have any. The conical or pyramidal shaped reactor cores made of element 115 suck in stable and highly usable energy from the environment which generates electricity that is fed into anti-gravity generators. That is why when you park a flying saucer, you do not have to turn the engine off. You can keep it hovering a foot above the ground forever, and you never run out of gas. because there isn't any. That is where the ETs get the energy to build incredible underground cave homes on Mars, on the Moon, and in various locations on Earth, from Antarctica to Alaska. I am not kidding about all of this, and that is why NASA recently hired a bunch of priests and alleged holly men to figure out a way to admit the truth about ETs to the general public without having people go nuts.
     Reply/ Steve D --> Christopher Calder • "Figure out a way to admit the truth about ETs to the general public without having people go nuts." Just like they did in the 1938 radio broadcast "The war of the worlds"?
    Just a technical point, if a flying saucer hovers 1 foot above a parking spot is that strictly parking, I mean should ET feed the parking meter?
          Reply/ HAL9000 --> Steve D • Forget the parking violation; the driver should be arrested for operating an unregistered, uninsured, and unlicensed vehicle. Earth is hard.

Raymond Hellberg --> Gerard McEk • Your logic is correct - if a device seems to "create" energy, the energy must be harvested from somewhere and moved and/or converted to a different, useful form. It just cannot come from nothing, but I'm not saying that energy theoretically could not come from an unknown source, as "vaccum"/black matter or other, until now unseen/unknown, forms. And if the SKLep really does that, then Hallelujah!.

But really, guys - the phrase "..if it is officially proven to work." is in my head what one REALLY should be focusing on instead of all "heat inducing" speculations. There is still no proof. The papers showing the measurements from G. Levi contains only the phrase "seems to..." and does not *conclude* anything than stating what is connected where and what the instruments show. And the measurements taken are complete useless in the eyes of those having some basic education and experience in measuring techniques. A few questions I ask myself is:
- Why no proof?
- Why exclude ALL the performance data from the certification?
- Why did/could AR, being a brilliant scientist, lie/misunderstand the performance of the SKLED, planned to be produced in millions?
- Why exclude Mats Lewan because he just was telling the truth?
I'm not worried of the performance of AR's devices, there I have made my own conclusions, but I'm worried so many are being mislead IF the SKLep also should turn out to be "a misunderstanding of numbers".

Axil Axil • See: https://youtu.be/kfffy12uQ7g /The Misunderstood Nature of Entropy

In order to extract energy from the vacuum, a voluum of the vacuum must contain more energy than the surrounding environment. To create over unity energy production from the vacuum, a mechanism is required to inject energy into a voluum of the vacuum.

The mechanism that produces energy from the vacuum is vacuum decay. Vacuum decay converts the vacuum into energy. If we can produce a false vacuum, that false vacuum will convert a concurrent overlayed voluum of the true vacuum into energy.

The EVO is a metastable false vacuum that is capable of generating increased energy from the vacuum. The EVO is unstable, but until it distroys itself due to its instability, it cannot interact with the vacuum. The EVO is outside of any influence that exists in our universe. When the EVO distroys itself, it will render both its own energy content and a like amount of vacuum energy that it reside in into pure energy.

In the following video at 9:00 there is a description of the EVO as a string theory condition defined by Ed Witten and Ashoke Sen which earned each of them $3million in physics prize money not to long ago.

The EVO is a vacuum decay bubble that will transform a micron sized volume of the vacuum into energy. We see this process in our Vega experiment and this is the mechanism that Rossi describes in his theory paper.

This 2 times the energy content of the exploding EVO is where the "Reaction" energy comes from.

Vacuum decay is a new process discovered in the last decade that creates energy from the vacuum. Here is an explanation of how the false vacuum produces energy from the vacuum.

[... and please, comment below, if you have other pertinent answers to the main question. Thanks. Vlad]

Since it is already 2022 for many of you, I wish that the New Year brings to all of us what we cannot buy with money: health, love, happiness, friends and peace...and of course, the miracle of ubiquitous, clean and abundant energy, so we can finally tackle the global warming threat once and for all!

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