Tom Bearden's Energy Website Down?
Date: Monday, July 04, 2022 @ 22:51:08 GMT
Topic: General

As most of you know, the late Thomas Bearden was a great pioneer in free energy/vacuum/ether/overunity energy technology. Many people accessed his website,  on a regular basis to provide and share information about this topic. Well, it has apparently shut down. Does anyone know why this is or have any information about this shut-down of his site? Is it a mistake or is it intentional or is it under construction?

[vlad] I noticed that website is down as well. I tried to get an explanation from Anthony Craddock (Energetic Productions, Inc) who, as far as I know, was managing both sites, but I did not get a reply from him so far. If anyone has more information on this topic, please share it with us here. Thank you.

In the mean time, those interested in Tom's site can still access a mirror of it hosted by Bill St. Clair here: mirror site


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