Informational Reprieve from 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2023 @ 16:56:30 GMT
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As an important aside, I should mention that this work remains ongoing, if only in the sense that it is up to the reader to make the final assessment of the results, and report/share with the community. Checking the final results has been, for me, a bit like placing a microphone too close to a speaker: the positive feedback has been untenable. Therefore, I have only had "necessary but not sufficient" checks to guide the way. Even if my work is flawed, there may be a possibility of others more skilled 'picking up the ball' where I have left off. I use the pronoun "we" throughout the website just to give myself a sense that I am working with a community, even if it is only me and whatever audience for these ideas there may be.

Thank you for your patience and attention, Deserdi exists to share, serve and help develop insight regarding an emerging sense of wholeness pervading the fields of physics and metaphysics, primarily revolving around the perception of our Universe as being holographic. Bohmian mechanics was the first quantum theory to speculate that the universe has 'holographic' properties, with string theory being the other main adherent to this idea. Whichever wins out as a final theory may use insights we have attempted to develop on this web page, specifically with regards to something called 'macrocosmic quantum entanglement.' This 'property' of the Cosmos is revealed and embodied by the bandlimited Fourier forecasting work done by us (and others, in differing forms) which imply that conventional quantum entanglement may also be observed at large scales. We 'wax' a bit spiritual at points on various pages of the site, but unapologetically so. And though our presentation may be a little clunky and disjointed at points, if you bare with us, you may come away with something worth having.

We are by no means the first to venture in this territory, and if we have accomplished anything worthwhile, it is with gratitude and deep indebtedness, not only to the physicists and mystics who have come before, but to the people that, like me, labor without the egoic distinction of enhanced "specialness," although heroically nonetheless. As has been observed: the greatest accomplishment is to live an ordinary life in an extraordinarily forgiving manner.

David Bohm, a central figure in our discussion, was the first physicist who both perceived the Universe as being holographic and also addressed the stand-alone importance of mysticism and a new kind of respectful dialogue between individuals as being essential to healing the Mind of which the Cosmos is but an aspect. Bohm's concept of the Universe being comprised of both implicate and explicit orders, connected by enfoldment, has proved groundbreaking, and implies such seemingly imponderable notions as a newly minted concept called: 'macrocosmic quantum entanglement,' the meaning and implications of which will be explained as we go along. As a property of our Holographic Universe, it is just one result of everything being enfolded, or entangled, in everything else.


Standard quantum entanglement is a property of any two particles with the same genesis (or 'pseudo-genesis'), such that their quantum states can't be considered independently from one another. Measurable aspects of two entangled particles - such as 'spin' - find themselves correlated in such a fashion that a change in one particle results in an instantaneous change in the other particle, even if they have moved vast distances apart since their conjoined birth. This influence appears to imply faster than the speed of light information transfer, although there have been some problems with capitalizing on this property in fields related to communication.

In addition to standard quantum entanglement, which can, theoretically, be 'engineered' at any point in time or space, 'macrocosmic quantum entanglement,' relates to phenomena which spring from the common birth of all matter and energy in the Big Bang, a profoundly 'entangling' event. Any later standard entanglement event has, as a backdrop, this macrocosmic entanglement which may draw other previously linked particles under the 'new' entanglement's sway. Thus, it may be helpful to remember that a standardly entangled set of particles is really "twice-entangled," as per the tongue-in-cheek title of this section of writing.

Some speculate that perceptions of synchronicity, psychic-phenomena and the paranormal, and various both spiritual 'gifts' and impoverishing mental health problems may have common roots in entanglement. In the most general sense, we can at least say that Bohm's postulated holographic properties of the Cosmos likely spring from standard entanglement models applied to the grand scale for a Universe with a single common 'entangler' like the Big Bang.

Bohm spoke of the Universe as being a "Holomovement," in which every part contains the whole. I first saw a hologram in my high-school physics class, and was fascinated. At, our work starts with the attempt to mathematically unlock the universal hologram, in a pragmatic way which satisfies the scientific prerequisite: namely the prediction of future events from past events. Our approach should apply to all measurables, whether they be microscopic entities or larger scale phenomena.


On our website, we aim to strip scientific forecasting to its bare bones, capitalizing on the holographic properties embedded in Fourier analysis, to achieve one of the great aims of science, prediction, using very few standard physical models. All we really retain is the memory of measurements made in the past and the projection of those measurements forward in time with the help of the French mathematician Joseph Fourier's work.

Band-limited forecasting algorithms already exist in the peer-reviewed literature, and deconvolution was first used for forecasting in WWII, so I don't know why I have a fetish concerning the recapitulation of this previous work, maybe because it could have the potential to add credence to the other writings on this website. In any case, forecasting using Fourier analysis does shed a new light on holographic physics models, and suggests the capacity of the 'Mindful Present' to unhook the future from the recorded (or remembered) past.

Paradoxically, we will later discuss whether 'prediction' is even worth undertaking... for various reasons: some pragmatic and some spiritual. However, that said, it does seem that, since we humans are addictively dependent on our predictive efforts, we may be bound to them, for now. Perhaps, though, we could gradually reign in our obsession with both past and future forecasting to shorter and shorter time frames - it remains for humanity to undertake dialogue as to whether we would be spiritually well-advised to ween ourselves from the near universal obsession with prediction and control.

But first, in the interest of not 'skipping steps,' let's go on ahead down our little assigned rabbit-hole of prediction, and see what's there to see. In working to develop predictive functions which utilize the Discrete Fourier Transform, and apply to real number series, including those related to measured natural phenomena, we have labored to advance Bohm's vision and to demonstrate, holographically, that the part actually does contain the whole, with the past also containing the future, in a Universe where "everything is enfolded in everything else."

Scientific prediction based on our work is discussed, with MATLAB code appearing on a separate page, on the page titled: 'Fourier Forecasting.' Provided that your results using our code merit it, we leave the reader to reverse-engineer their understanding of the logic and rationale behind the processes from the, admittedly, sparsely documented MATLAB code.

If viewed through the right lens, our research, combined with the work of many others, obliquely suggests that ancient ways of effecting real and substantive change and healing in the Unfolding of the Cosmos, including prayer and meditation, engaged listening, and Mindful dialogue, may be more primary then science, which often misassigns causality amidst a sea of merely correlative relations, will currently acknowledge.

In addition to our forecasting work, we have developed, and dedicated a page to a Restorative Up-Sampling (RUP) algorithm. This up-sampling algorithm aims to be 'alchemical' in the sense that it may, if accurate, restore the 'gold' of high-frequency components lost due to under-sampling, while also undoing the 'dross' of aliasing errors introduced by this same under-sampling. It could be called 'alchemical,' also, in the sense that restorative up-sampling had been regarded by mainstream science as an impossibility. 

We never took "thermo" in college, but we believe that both Fourier Forecasting and Restorative Up-sampling may constitute special case reprieves from the Second Law of Thermodynamics, at least as it applies to Information Theory. Whether this could be used to form a Maxwell's demon heat engine with a near infinite supply of informational "negentropy" may be worth exploring. This up-sampling algorithm is the natural outgrowth of Fourier Forecasting, so we thought we should include it here, so that others may follow the full thread of where we were led by this inquiry.

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