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I've found this PR Newswire interesting because this technology could help any DG customer, regardless of the type of generator involved (fuel cell, micro-turbine or ZPE converter, etc.) with grid connectivity and energy balance accounting and encourage the Independent Power Producers (IPP) to get more involved in providing DG services, as some customers will never feel comfortable with operating their own power generator.


12/13/2001 PR Newswire [Copyright [c] 2001, PR Newswire]

VICTORIA, BC, Dec. 12 /PRNewswire/ - Power Measurement, a leading provider of enterprise energy management systems, today announced that its Internet- enabled ION[R] energy meters and software have been installed for RealEnergy, at various locations in Southern California, to support real-time energy monitoring of distributed generation [DG] assets and customer billing. A pioneer in DG solutions, RealEnergy owns and manages on-site generators for large commercial facilities, offering them a hedge against unstable energy markets and high spot prices by providing low-cost electricity during peak demand hours, and serving as guaranteed sources of power during supply-side outages.

RealEnergy plans to install ION 7500[TM] power meters at generator sites around the US, and use ION software at its Los Angeles headquarters for nationwide data collection, cost analysis, reporting and billing. The first projects include the largest solar site in the western hemisphere, at 200 kilowatts, in Fountain Valley, CA. Others include a solar site in Carlsbad, CA, and an application monitoring two 30-kilowatt Capstone microturbines. Most recently RealEnergy has installed natural gas fired generators totaling over three megawatts.

"The ION meters and software are a strong fit with our DG operations and will help us expand our services quickly and affordably across the country," said Paul Slye, President of RealEnergy. "Distributed generation will have a direct impact on California's energy needs by reducing dependence on the traditional electricity grid, and in turn, lowering energy costs and increasing power reliability for end users.

RealEnergy plans to add 20 power plants in Southern California over the next few months, removing enough demand from the power grid to prevent around 5,000 homes from experiencing blackouts."

"We are pleased to be working with an innovative company like RealEnergy," stated John Eggink, Business Development Manager for DG Systems at Power Measurement."Our ION technology has been optimized for environments such as generator sites. The meters are industrially hardened, and they integrate a wide range of analysis, control and communications capabilities. This eliminates the need for separate, high-priced computers at each site, which can be vulnerable to power disturbances."

ION meters offer direct connection to the Internet from each remote site. By leveraging the public Internet infrastructure, ION software can upload electricity usage and fuel feed data directly from generator meters, and automatically send monthly bills to clients through e-mail.
For more information, call Power Measurement toll free at 866-466-7627 or visit the Power Measurement web site at www.pwrm.com.
About Power Measurement: Power Measurement is a leading provider of enterprise energy management systems for energy suppliers and consumers worldwide. The company's ION[R] web-ready software and intelligent electronic devices comprise a complete real-time information and control network that supports billing for complex energy contracts and helps improve power quality, reduce energy costs and keep operations running enterprise-wide, 24 hours a day.
About RealEnergy: RealEnergy provides for an alternative to being powerless in today's volatile energy markets. The company provides electricity and thermal energy at the point of consumption, the property, and through avoiding the costly transmission and distribution, is able to offer substantial savings to its customers. RealEnergy's business model is that of an Independent Power Producer, which translates simply to lower cost energy for commercial properties without the risk and responsibility to customers associated with operating a micro-generation facility at their property.
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Source: PR Newswire , 13 December 2001

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