NASA Announces Moon Going Flat
Date: Thursday, April 01, 2004 @ 23:16:07 GMT
Topic: Aux-Equipment

01-Apr-2004 -

NASA scientists announced yesterday that cracks have opened up in the moon, causing the leakage of millions of tons of methane gas trapped inside. As the process continues, surprised witnesses in polar regions, who see the moon from a slightly different angle than most viewers, are observing an unusual sight: the moon is getting flatter.

“Think of it as a slowly expiring beach ball,” said NASA scientist Dr. Tilford Eulenspeigel, “or a tire that has seen better days.” Climatologists expressed concern that massive quantities of methane could reach earth’s atmosphere and contribute to global warming. “Based on this finding,” affirmed White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, “we now expect global warming to be a serious problem in the immediate future.” ...

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