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Current State of New Energy R&D
Vlad's responses to a New Energy Movement Study questionnaire


[NEM] Free energy can be defined very broadly as any energy that is provided by the natural world and is accessible anywhere in the world. This definition covers both conventional and unconventional forms of renewable energy, ranging from well-known solar and wind technologies to relatively little known technologies or processes such as low-energy nuclear reactions, zero point or magnetic energy.

This study focuses on the unconventional forms of free energy and uses the definition of “free energy” provided by Keith Tutt in his excellent book The Search for Free Energy.

‘Free energy technologies’ or ‘new energy technologies’ are names given to an unusual collection of diverse technologies which share at least one major trait. They are all, generally, fuelless technologies that do not consume a substance in order to produce energy. . . . These inventions involve magnets, electro-magnets, electrostatics, solid state electronics, water cavitation, low-energy nuclear reactions, catalytic nuclear reactions, charge clusters, pulsed plasmas, radiant energy. The list is long, but not exhaustive.

The second common claim of these technologies is that they are somehow gaining energy from a new source. Many claim to be ‘over-unity’: in other words, when provided with an energy input, they subsequently generate or release an output that is larger than their initial input. There are also machines which claim to have ‘closed the loop’ and used some of their excess output to feed their input – so creating a self-sustaining machine….The systems are doing at least one of two things: they have either found – as in the case of some cold fusion cells – a new way of accessing chemical, nuclear or other forms of energy locked up in the system’s component parts; or …. they are getting their energy from the ‘zero-point fluctuations of the vacuum’. This zero-point energy is the ‘background’ or ‘ether’ energy of the universe.

A short-hand term for these technologies we will use in this study is “frontier physics alternative energy”.


The Survey asks two types of questions:

1. General questions about the current state of the field,

2. Questions about particular technologies or processes.

General Questions

1. What are your views regarding the reasons why the unconventional forms of free energy have not yet been released to the world?

[Vlad]· The lack of adequate proof of concept (most important/critical/essential step).

Assuming that successful unconventional FE experimental set-ups (devices) exists (and I believe they do), undeniably proving that to the world is all it would take (in the present planetary circumstances) to usher a new era in the human evolution. What Steorn is doing now is one way to accomplish this. My Extreme Science Foundation (XSF and XS-NRG prize) proposal is another (I think better) way to do it.

· The unstable operation in the O/U mode.

Many experimental devices/setups are not yet fully controlled in their O/U operation mode. There is no clear understanding of what triggers the “O/U state” and what happens when the unit trips out off that special condition (the “why”?). Without stable and consistent O/U functioning, there is no marketable product. Very few investors are willing to support possible many years of [mostly empirical] research to overcome this problem.

· The lack of a proper theory to explain the O/U operation.

Very few scientists are actively involved in the theoretical study of this ubiquitous, permanent, nonzero [extremely dense] source of energy in the Universe called ZP/Vacuum Energy. Unfortunately, this type of research is still considered by the present scientific community and media an unacceptable departure from the conventional thinking, and consequently ignored (or worst, ridiculed). A theoretical understanding of what/how to excite and organize the local vacuum for extracting useful energy, would quickly “resolve” both problems mentioned above.

· Invention Secrecy Act, Inventor/Investor greed, “MIB” suppression (?)

No need to comment on the first two; we all know they are real … valuable patents are being buried because our governments “national security” paranoia and/or vested interest greed. Greed is also responsible for the inventors choosing to take their invention into the grave with them instead of giving it to the world for free or to investors for less money than they hoped for. The MIB active (physical) suppression? … Possible, but I’m still to be convinced of that.

2. What could be done to make it more likely for inventors and scientists and their supporters to achieve breakthroughs in this field? What forms of support are needed?

[Vlad]· The single most important thing that would quickly and certainly achieve the breakthrough in this field is a “proper proof” that O/U technologies are real.

Proper proof = scientific validation + world-wide, effective media coverage

- Since seeking “government legislation” as well as “private investment” support routs have miserably failed so far, the next logical step is involving “the public” to do it. Access to the general public is much easier these days through the wide spread penetration of the traditional media (written, radio and TV). But, the advent of the internet suddenly allowed the “connected” public to be aware of and get directly involved in many more aspects of the world’s “affairs” (such as influencing the democratic decision making process and the move of considerable funds in the commercial and financial sectors, among them). Successful businesses can be set up and public/media mobilization/influencing can be done, with almost no funds required, using the Internet these days.

- The constitution of an international nonprofit reputable organization with the main purpose to carry out independent, objective, unbiased and widely accepted scientific validation of "private research" in the field of unconventional new energy technologies is the first needed step (to gain acceptance & credibility). It will serve as an open access podium for all inventors/innovators out there to present their work for proper and honest validation (conducted for free and under NDA). It will also act as a vehicle through which donors will reward and promote those revolutionary technologies that prove to be viable, that otherwise would have great difficulty finding recognition and financial support. Once the general public and the academia are challenged with the reality of the fuel-less energy technologies, nothing will stop their rapid development and penetration in our day to day life. Theoretical physics will soon experience an explosive (r)evolution and concepts such as anti-gravity, inertia control, warp drive and worm holes space travel, teleportation and maybe time travel will all come down from the “fringe” into respectable leading edge scientific research…. but I digress…

- The Xtreme Science Foundation (XSF) proposal goes into the details of how such an organization should be formed and function. It also proposes an innovative way of private-public funding which is a key aspect for the success of such an enterprise. I have sent the synopsis of the XSF proposal privately to selected knowledgeable people in the field, some members of the NEM as well (NEM tried the “government legislation” avenue, but I was willing to bet it would prove a dead end). I had the privilege to talk to Joel Garbon personally. No commitments or plans to help (concrete action) were received from anyone so far (words of encouragement?... yes).

3. What role could NEM play? What is needed to make NEM more effective in carrying out its mission to “promote the rapid widespread deployment of advanced, clean, and sustainable energy sources”?

[Vlad]· The most important thing that NEM can do is: FIND THAT ONE INVENTOR with a Working O/U Prototype Device and convince him/her/them to be the “flag bearer(s)” for the new revolution in the power-generation field … and change the world as we know it (which is not doing well anyway, but it is primed & eagerly awaiting such a news!).

· Having at least one such inventor on board, attract reputable scientists, media and business personalities, politicians, etc. (skeptics or not, but open minded people) to form an XSF type organization. NEM is perfectly positioned to do that very efficiently (if there is the will … since very little funds are needed so far).

· Announce through a strategic media campaign the constitution of this organization and its scope, and how the public can get involved to finally find the truth about FE and, at the same time, encourage unrestricted contribution of ideas for a rapid return to a sustainable future for all life on this planet. A smart campaign will secure enormous funds, when people understand how this organization operates (I see no problems for NEM to accomplish that … my XSF proposal details all these steps and how to accomplish them with trivial initial expenses … and I‘m happy to send it to all those interested to get involved).

· Properly validate, promote and reward (XS-NRG prize concept) the selected working device and its inventor(s)… and the rest will be history. Through the feedback I get on my ZPEnergy.com website, I know that establishing a network of independent, professional/accepted “validation centers” all over the world won’t be a major problem (certainly not for the NEM.).

This is not the place to elaborate on or analyze my views on what must be done and how to end, once and for all, the gridlock FE movement finds itself in for decades. I have given you my honest/practical “2c” answers to the questions you asked, with the hope that NEM is genuine in its quest for resolving this awkward situation in which exposing the truth may literally change our civilization overnight, or, disappoint many of us, but at least will let us move on to something less “amazing” than FE, but more realistic/pragmatic to resolve our nr.1 global problem: Energy.

Invention-specific Questions

[Vlad]: ZPEnergy.com was the first (2001) PHP type (open access) News-Portal dedicated to the “fuel-less energy” topic, in particular to ZPE/Vacuum Energy research and technologies. It was designed to “take care” of all the steps required to connect inventors with those who can help, in one way or another, with bringing these revolutionary technologies to the market (see our mission statement).

During these 6 years, probably hundreds of news articles about alleged working FE devices were posted and commented upon (pro and/or con) on ZPEnergy’s main page or the Forum. Private correspondence and feedback proves that many more claims are out there, but their inventors want to (or are forced to) remain anonymous (wish I have to respect). From what I know, none of these claims have been properly confirmed to date.

I admit, I just run a new-energy news site to educate the general public that such research exists, and it is not just self deluded pseudo-scientists or con-men, but a serious quest by honest and highly trained, down to earth, but open minded individuals. I have not pursued personally any of the claims that I was made aware of. I still hope some of them are “the real deal” and I can only invite you to research our archives for more information on such possible working devices.

Of course, aside from my XSF suggestion for the NEM, I’ll be happy to help your organization in any way I can, as long as a bit of hope is left there and you’re also honestly fighting for it.

Best wishes,





Which energy devices or processes have reached the “proof of concept” stage?

Is there a working prototype?

Is the device or process self-running?

How long has it run

- continuously in one setting?

- all together (total running time)?

How much energy did it produce?

- How was the output energy measured?

Was there any input energy required?

- How much?

- How was it measured?


Has the device or process been independently tested?

- Who did the testing?

- What results?

Is the information public domain?


Can the device or process be demonstrated? Can the owners or managers be contacted to arrange for a public or private demonstration? Are photos or a video available? Website?

What information do you have or could you obtain about the business capacity of the inventor or scientist or their associates? Give us your best estimate of how well equipped the individual or organization is in the skills/capabilities necessary for bringing a device to market or to release the technology in an open source process.

If the key people do not presently have the business capabilities to succeed, are they open to collaborating with sources of business expertise on terms favorable for all involved parties?

Published on: 2007-07-21 (9283 reads)

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